Hidden on the 2nd level of Punggol Golf Range, Tend Bistro Izakaya presents a delightful fusion of Japanese izakaya-style delicacies and contemporary bistro dishes, providing a relaxing environment to unwind with friends and indulge in a refreshing drink or two following a game of golf.

The izakaya menu features a wide variety of options, including sushi, sashimi, yakitori, chawanmushi, and other iconic Japanese dishes; most are served in sharing portions.

Start the meal with the Kushiyaki Platter ($15.5), which is a delectable assortment of seafood and meat skewers. With each option equally tantalising, it was honestly hard to decide which to pick if you’re sharing it with friends. Personally, I preferred the prawn. But, every skewer was very tender and well marinated, infused with aromatic seasonings that elevated the dish. Not to mention it was very vibrant and appetising to look at!

If you only have the budget for one dish, it has to be the Ika Yaki ($18). Tender and succulent, the squid is grilled to perfection, with a smoky char and delicate texture, which was a combination of tenderness and chewiness. Despite the savoury sauce it was cooked with, you could still taste the natural sweet flavours of the squid, and a hint of brininess — a testatment to the freshness.

For a more satiating meal, opt for the Unagi Don ($21). Priced at a remarkably affordable price, this dish offers incredible value for the quality it delivers. The simple yet perfect combination of perfectly grilled unagi and the aromatic rice leaves me craving for more after every bite. While the eel was great, the rice was actually the more memorable element. It was so fragrant, making it the ideal companion for the tantalising unagi.

Tend Bistro Izakaya

Location: 60 Punggol E, #02-01, Singapore 828825
Opening hours: 12-11:30pm

*This article is written in partnership with Tend Bistro Izakaya, but all opinions are of my own

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