G Izakaya was a hit when they first launched in Golden Mile Tower. $68 for an affordable and authentic Japanese omakase? There is no surprise that Singaporeans would flood the place.

Recently, G Izakaya has returned to its roots and reopened its Izakaya section, serving a wide variety of Japanese dishes that are priced at as low as $7.9.

Izakayas are a popular dining destination known for their relaxed atmosphere, but what draws my attention are the diverse menu options and small serving sizes. G Izakaya offers a vast array of delectable choices, including sashimi, grilled meats, sushi, vegetables, and rice bowls, all served in manageable portions, allowing me to savour a greater selection of dishes.

Before reviewing the more mainstream dishes you would expect of an izakaya, we have to talk about their signature Uni Sakura ($15). Shaped like a clam, this dish presents fresh uni in the most gorgeous manner. A plump portion of uni, which is briney with a touch of astringency, is enveloped between two airy pieces of Japanese wafer. The uni is also complemented with vermicelli, edible flowers and fish roe.

Quick-fix meal for office lunch

If you want a quick-fix meal, simply order their Japanese rice bowls. The Tonkatsu Don ($7.9) features a generous portion of Japanese chicken cutlet, fried to perfection. And when I say perfect, I mean perfection, with its juicy cuts and crispy and airy skin.

The Unagi Don($12.9) was also tasty. I just wish more eel was given. But for its price, this was a fair amount.

Meanwhile, if you’re here to vibe with a group of friends, here are some small bites that go perfectly with drinks.

Fried Handroll ($11.9)

The Butabara Yuzu ($7.8) dish presents an impressive interplay of flavours and textures, characterised by a luscious and succulent grilled pork belly that has been rendered to perfection. The dish is elevated with the addition of a tangy yuzu sauce that provides a vibrant and refreshing acidity, creating a delightful contrast to the rich and savoury notes of the pork belly.

Junmai or Honjozo sake are good options to consider for pairing with the Butabara as they tend to have a fuller body and more pronounced flavour, which can complement the savoury and umami notes of the food.

Meanwhile, the Tsukune ($6) uses lean chicken meat for a meaty, flavourful bite. The flavours here a little stronger, and may not be suitable for those with a lighter palate.

A sparkling sake would be perfect here, as it cleanses the palate between bites.

G Izakaya

Location: 6001 Beach Rd, #01-52A/B GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore 199589
Tel: +65 9183 5393
Opening hours: 
Monday: Closed
Tue-Sun: 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-10:30pm

*This article is written in collaboration with G Izakaya, but all opinions are of my own

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