Doco Donburi Review - Japanese Rice Bowls at Tanjong Pagar. Source: @eggeatsbread/instagram

Located at Tanjong Pagar’s International Plaza, Doco Donburi specialises in Japanese rice bowls with a local twist.

Instead of the usual teriyaki chicken, yakiniku beef and sashimi, Doco Donburi’s menu comprises local favourites such as laksa, otah and coconut rice.

Their newest item, the Sh-laksa ($11.9) takes our local delicacy to the next level with a smoky aroma. What was more impressive was the intense earthiness of the parsley that shone through. However, laksa traditionalists may not enjoy the lack of coconut milk that would have otherwise added a layer of creaminess and sweetness.

The laksa rice bowl was not the only surprise. Rather than the smooth-paste variation that is commonly used in barbecues, Doco Donburi’s Sh-otah Donburi ($11.9) contained rough chunks of ground mackeral. The substantial and textured bite was also accompanied with more delicate flavours.

The less adventurous side of the menu includes Sh-nack Donburi ($10.9), Sh-room Donburi ($9.9), Sh-ken Donburi ($9.9) which feature grilled beef, truffle mushroom and honey miso chicken respectively.

Meanwhile, the Sh-ell Donburi ($11.9) was generously loaded with shrimps that were infused with butter and garlic. A match made in heaven. But its best feature was the char-grilled aroma bequeathed by the grill in their open kitchen.

The closest thing to an actual Japanese rice bowl is their Sh-urry Donburi ($10.9). It is doused in sweet Japanese curry and topped with a protein of your choice. But even then, it deviated from tradition with a topping of crispy fish skin, which adds crunch and a touch of saltiness.

Location: 10 Anson Rd, #01-16 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
+65 9049 9926
Opening hours:
Mon- Fri: 10am- 8:30pm
Saturday: 10am- 3pm
Sunday: Closed


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