Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry model at The Making of Harry Potter Tokyo, Warner Brothers Studio

Harry Potter fans listen up! If you’re planning your Tokyo itinerary, you have to add “Warner Bros. Studio Tokyo — The Making of Harry Potter” to your plan. 

Even if you’re not a fan of Harry Potter, The Making of Harry Potter might be one of the most interesting things to do in Tokyo. It features intricately designed movie sets and props from the franchise, which is perfect for photos or simply admiration of the art of filmmaking.

At some point, we wished we were hardcore fans too. 

Tickets cost ¥6,950 per person and you can expect to spend 2-5 hours here.

As one of the pricier attractions in Tokyo, if you’re considering a visit here, here’s all you need to know about the Harry Potter indoor themed park: including important information, ticket reservations and parking, photos of the attraction, the food and drinks there, and Harry Potter merchandise to buy.

Important information to note at The Making of Harry Potter

These are the two most important information if you’re planning to visit Warner Bros. Studio Tokyo’s The Making of Harry Potter.

  1. You have to book your tickets on their official website in advance
  2. You have to join the Harry Potter “tour” within 30 minutes of your admission time. 

Firstly, when you make a reservation online, you have to pick which time slot you’d like. The attraction is very strict about their rules. The website states that if you’re late, you might be banned entry. 

If you’re driving, we recommend booking a parking slot on their website in advance as well. 

Now, what’s this “tour” we mentioned?

The Harry Potter tour

The Making of Harry Potter attraction is split into three: the main area where the movie sets and information are, the souvenir shop, and the cafe.

You’ll have to enter the main area, where the tour begins, within 30 minutes of your admission time. 

Firstly, you’ll get a short briefing of how the park works and some time to download their mobile app, which allows you to save the photos and videos taken in the main area. There are two photo spots for this. 

Next, you’ll watch a short video introduction of the attraction. 

Waiting area of the Tokyo Harry Potter park tour
Entrance to the first stop of the tour — The Great Hall. We recommend taking a step back, and letting the crowd disperse in 10-15 minutes, to get the best shots of the empty hall

Finally, you’re free to wander around the park. Despite its label as a “tour”, it’s actually free-and-easy from here onwards. 

If you’re curious about what the Harry Potter park in Tokyo looks like, we’ve listed down the various movie sets and attractions in order.

Once you enter the main area, you’re have to walk all the way to the end, which can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.

1. The Great Hall

The Great Hall in Hogwarts
Showing off my Slytherin pride with UNIQLO Singapore’s Harry Potter UT Collection

One of the most iconic places  The main area starts with the The Great Hall in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where all the students dine, and where all the First Years are sorted into their Houses.

You’ll find intricate tableware used in the movies, as well as Hogwarts’ uniforms donned by mannequins. 

2. Filming process

Learn all about the filming process of the Harry Potter movies, including set design, costumes, props and more. 

3. Grand Staircase

From there, you’ll find the Grand Staircase, with moving portraits hanging on all corners of the hall.

If you look closely, you’ll find that the paintings on the walls are actually the moving images of the guests! To be a part of this, simply head to the left where the self portrait area is, click the “start” button to film yourself, and find your “portrait” at the other end of the hall. 

Photo booths on the left to cast your face on the photo frames in this section
Cast a spell, do a little dance, or pose with a simple peace sign
The Making of Harry Potter Moving Photo Frames in attraction
The final results

You can also scan the QR code in your Harry Potter account to save a digital copy of the video.

4. Griffyndor and Slytherin Common Rooms

Slytherin Common Room movie set in The Making of Harry Potter Tokyo
A part of the Slytherin Common Room

Catch a glimpse of the resting quarters of the Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses. The former is cordoned off, so you can only take a simple photo from the outside. However, the latter is where you can interact with the movie sets. 

The Slytherin area was far more popular photo spot for guests. You can just chill around the sofas in the picture since most guests get their photos taken at the fireplace instead.

5. Quidditch Filming Experience

Fake Quidditch field in The Making of Harry Potter, best things to do in Tokyo
Jump and cheer as if you’ve just won your very first Quidditch match!

While you may never get a chance to compete in a Quidditch competition, you can certainly pretend that you’ve won a game. 

We queued for about ten minutes here. The best part is, there are staff stationed here to assist with photos and videos. The pair in front of us, dressed in Slytherin and Ravenclaw uniforms, did a skit where one of them won and the other loss, which was an amazing idea in my opinion.

6. Mishmash of movie sets

The Vanishing Cabinet replica in The Making of Harry Potter
The Vanishing Cabinet
Dumbledore's Office in Tokyo's Harry Potter theme park
Dumbledore’s Office

Here, you’ll find a larger room, comprising of various rooms and magical tools like The Vanishing Cabinet, The Room of Requirements, the Pensive, and Dumbledore’s office.

You might want to spend a little more time here because there is just so many photos to take.

7. Death Eater Mask

Design your own Death Eater Mask and watch it come to life immediately
4 screens are available for you to design your very own Death Eater Mask

Design your very own Death Eater Mask and watch it come to life on the wall.

8. Potions Class

Moving potions pot in Snape's Potions Class
“The subtle science and exact art that is potion-making”

Snap a picture in front of these red and green potions pot that stirs itself!

9. Defense Against the Dark Arts 

Defence Against The Dark Arts class replica in Harry Potter Theme Park in Tokyo

Every ten minutes or so, you’ll get learn the basic spells against the Dark Arts, and even cast it together against an intruding dark wizard.

This was one of my favourite parts of the park so far. I just love how everything was so intricately designed and it was even interactive.

10. Mirror of Edised

Explore your deepest desires by looking deep into the Mirror of Edised.

The queue for this was surprisingly long. We waited 15 minutes and honestly, the photos didn’t turn out too well.

But if the mirror was legitimate, I guess I was relieved to find out that I didn’t have any unresolved desires.

11. Voldemort Dedication Area 

Voldemort life-size model at Tokyo Harry Potter park
“I think I can fix him!”

Villain? Or just terribly misunderstood?

Learn more about the main antagonist of the Harry Potter franchise. 

This is also one of the two toilets and water cooler and the tour, so fuel up and freshen up before you continue your journey!

12. The Forbidden Forest

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest immersive experience in Tokyo
Stay long enough and you might encounter undesirable things in the forest

Venture into a completely different area as you leave Hogwarts into The Forbidden Forest. Read up and interact with creatures like Hippogriffs and Acromantulas.

Read on: Singapore’s very own Forbidden Forest experience

13. Backlot Cafe

Once you finally feel the warmth of the sun, it means that you’re finally at the midpoint of the tour. 

Catch a glimpse of Hagrid in his hut while you’re on your way to Backlot Cafe.

Personally, I recommend skipping this cafe if it’s too crowded. It seemed like you would have to queue for 30 minutes to just order. Instead, you can just rest at Frog Cafe, which is located at the end of the tour, where the main entrance is (yes it’s a loop).

The Making of Harry Potter Backlot Cafe menu
Backlot Cafe menu

14. Butter Beer Bar

Skip Backlot Cafe, but consider sharing a mug or two of the iconic Butter Beer, located right outside Backlot Cafe. 

Butter Beer Bar in Harry Potter Tokyo
Butter Beer Bar

A mug of Butter Beer costs ¥1,100 and the Butter Beer Popcorn Set costs ¥1,700.

If you’re thinking that it’s a little too pricey, it’s because each Butter Beer is served in a collectible cup which you can wash and bring home. Sinks are installed beside the bar.

15. Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 Replica in The Making of Harry Potter movie sets
Queue takes about 5-10 minutes as there are multiple trolleys in this area to take photos at

How can we forget the iconic Platform 9 3/4. 

The queue for the “supermarket cart in wall photo” takes 5-10 minutes, while the queue for the train can take 30 minutes. If you wanna skip the queue, you can simply catch the slither of opportunity, right before another guest walks up from the queue, to snap a photo like we did.

Hogwarts Express Train lifesize model at The Making of Harry Potter
Board the Hogwarts Express? Probably not if you’re rushing for time!

You’ll also find The Railway Shop, a mini souvenir shop, here. 

Aside from the The Railway Shop-exclusive pins, which cost ¥1,000 each, you can skip the other merchandise here and check everything out at the main store at the end of the tour. 

Interesting things to buy:

  • Personalised Acceptance Letter Set ¥2,600
  • Butter Beer (¥1,000 per bottle, ¥2,500 for a multipack of four smaller bottles) 

16. Magical Transportation Chamber

The three chambers on the left come with a cool smoke effect, which you can trigger with a button.

Meanwhile, the three chambers on the right are not. We highly recommend queuing for the smoke chambers as the queue moves fast; we only queued for five minutes.  

17. Behind-the-scenes

Behind the scene designs of Harry Potter Movies at Warner Brothers Studio Tokyo
Sketches of the creatures in Fantastic Beasts series

From sound effects to character designs, appreciate all the hard work that goes behind the movies.

In addition to the original Harry Potter movie series, you’ll also learn a lot about the Fantastic Beasts series, and their upcoming new movie.

18. Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley movie set in Harry Potter attraction in Tokyo
What will you be shopping for at Diagon Alley?

Shop for your wands and familiars along Diagon Alley. And don’t forget to snap a photo in front of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the safest place in the wizarding world aside from Hogwarts.

19. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry model at The Making of Harry Potter Tokyo, Warner Brothers Studio
Intricate model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

Arguably the most enchanting spot in the whole of The Making of Harry Potter Tokyo, witness a not-so-miniature model of Hogwarts.

Stay long enough and you’ll notice that the light effects in the room mimics the transition from day to night.

20. Souvenir Shop 

Harry Potter wizard wands
50 points to anyone who recognises this wand

Congrats — or maybe not for the hardcore fans — but you’re finally at the end of the tour.

Things to buy at the Harry Potter souvenir shop in Tokyo 

At the souvenir shop, which is the same one located at the entrance of the Harry Potter attraction, here are some amazing merchandise to buy, with prices included. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts robes, wands, scarf and ties at the souvenir shop
Everything you need to attend Hogwarts

For the hardcore fans, if you haven’t had the chance to buy your uniform and wands, here’s your chance.

  • Wands (from ¥4,000)
  • Tokyo-exclusive Wand Collection (from ¥4,900)
  • Robes (¥13,000 for all sizes, name personalisation included)
  • Scarf (¥3,400)
  • Cardigan (¥12,000)
  • Tie (¥3,200)
  • Ribbon (¥3,850)

There are spacious changing rooms located at the entrance of the attraction. 

Harry Potter inspired leather bags and wallets

For the slightly less hardcore fans who are looking for subtle Harry Potter lifestyle products, we recommend their accessories and bags. 

  • Harry Potter-inspired rings, necklaces and bracelets (¥4,000-15,000)
  • Leather bags and pouches (¥3,840 -8,800)

21. Frog Cafe at Harry Potter attraction

At the end of your tour, fuel up at Frog Cafe, one of the two eateries in The Making of Harry Potter. 

Surprisingly, Frog Cafe only has a handful of Harry Potter-inspired desserts.

Food at The Making of Harry Potter's Frog Cafe
Hagrid’s Birthday Cake (left) and Hot Lattes with Harry Potter latte art (right)

Don’t expect too much from it though. I thought the latte was alright for a themed park but my family hated it. Meanwhile, the cake was surprisingly decent. Nothing too fancy but at least it didn’t taste horribly artificial and cloying.

For takeaway, paper bags and boxes are priced at ¥50 to ¥250. 

Harry Potter Tokyo Frog Cafe menu
Frog Cafe menu

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Tokyo’s The Making of Harry Potter?

Honestly, as expensive as it is, especially since I’m not a fan, it was worth the money. As long as you have an appreciation for The Arts, you’ll find yourself enjoying all the details and thought placed into this Tokyo attraction.

To be honest, I didn’t even know half the things featured here and I had to Google most of it for this review.

How to get to The Making of Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo is located in Nerima City, north-west of Tokyo’s city centre.

If you’re driving, remember to book a parking spot in advance when you’re booking your tickets online.

If you’re travelling via public transport, you can take the Toshima Line or Oeda Line to Toshimaen Station.

Location: 1 Chome-1-7 Kasugacho, Nerima City, Tokyo 179-0074, Japan
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-8:30pm
Sat-Sun: 8:30am-10pm

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