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When you’re looking for fish markets in Japan, you’ll probably think for Toretore Ichiba, also known as Toretore Fish Market. 

It’s located in Kataka, Shirahama, which is about a two hour drive south of Osaka Kansai International Airport.

As it is a popular tourist attraction in Japan, many tourists, and locals alike, have claimed that Toretore is an overpriced tourist trap. 

While prices are admittedly more expensive than some of your local wet markets, here’s a breakdown of what we ate at Toretore, whether it was worth it, and what are the cheaper alternatives? 

Our honest review of Toretore Ichiba

What we ate at Toretore Market

Before shopping for fresh seafood, here’s what you need to know about Toretore’s layout. 

Charcoal grill dining area at Toretore Ichiba
Dining area with a charcoal grill at each table

On the right, you’ll have a separate dining area with a charcoal grill at each table. Access into this dining area is priced at ¥1,000 per person regardless of whether you’re eating. The ticket includes utensils and free flow drinks, including oolong tea, Coca-cola, and more.

You have a 1 hour 30 minute time limit so we recommend purchasing your ingredients first. 

The wet market for dine in is located on the right of the market. 

Toretore Market menu and prices

giant clams at Toretore Market
Giant Clams
  • Abalone (¥1,500 for 100g) — we spent ¥3500 for 1
  • Top Shell (¥600 for 1, ¥1,000 for 2)
  • Giant Clams (¥1,200 for 1)
  • Scallops from Hokkaido (¥350 for 1, ¥1000 for 3)
  • Kumamoto Oysters (1 for ¥1000)
  • Hokkaido Oysters (¥600 for 1, ¥1,500 for 3)
  • Miyazaki (¥300 for 1, ¥1,000 for 4)
  • Squid (¥400, ¥600 and ¥800)
  • Salmon sashimi with Ikura (¥1000)
  • Tuna Trio Sashimi (¥1,500)

Other than the Kumamoto Oysters, the seafood was just decent. Don’t get me wrong. It was fresh but it wasn’t mind-blowing. 

Huge kumamoto oysters
Can’t believe they were the same size as my hand (even bigger before we cooked them)

We spent about ¥50,000 per person here but you can definitely go cheaper. For instance, a ¥400 squid (smaller portion), sausages and vegetables, a pack of clams for ¥400. You can even get oysters at ¥350 for 1.

Sashimi and rice bowls at Toretore Ichiba
Sashimi and rice bowls

We also found an ¥1,500 Uni Rice Bowl. 

Was it worth it?

market area for fresh seafood

So, was Toretore Market worth its price?

If you’re a tourist, yes. Sure, the prices are definitely higher here. But you’re paying for easier communication, the accessibility to a grill, the cleanliness, and all that. Anyway, if you were to visit a “more local” wet market, you’d probably be charged a “tourist tax” as well, just like how cai fan aunties might charge you higher if you’re not Chinese (or so I’ve heard).

Cheaper alternatives to Toretore Market

If you wanna save a few bucks, you can consider these cheaper alternatives as well: Kuroshio Market and Katsuura Fish Market in Wakayama.

What else is there to do at Toretore Market?

souvenir store for japanese snacks and dried ingredients at tore tore ichiba
Turn left from the entrance for the dried goods and Japanese snacks

Other than barbecued seafood and sashimi, and of course, the highly anticipated Bluefin Tuna filleting show from 11am to 2pm daily, you can also shop for dried ingredients and Japanese snacks as souvenirs. 

There is also a souvenir store, arcade games and claw machines at the left side of the market, where the toilet is. 

Toretore Ichiba

Location: 2521 Katata, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama-ken
Opening hours: 8:30am-6:30pm

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