Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry is woven with beautiful traditions. One of the most cherished is the Guo Da Li ceremony (过大礼) — a customary practice, steeped in joy and symbolism, during a wedding. Guo Da Li is a custom where the groom would send auspicious gifts to the bride’s family. The gifts ranges from a roast pork to a teapot set, but a common denominator across most Guo Da Li gifts are Xi Bing (囍饼), also known as Chinese wedding cakes

What is Guo Da Li ceremony in Chinese culture?
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Translating to “engagement pastries,” Xi Bing plays a significant role in Chinese wedding customs. Not only does it symbolises the groom’s gratitude to the bride’s family for taking care of her, it is also used to distribute to the bride’s relatives and friends, announcing their marriage. There are many Xi Bings, such as Sweet Bean Paste, Long Feng Bing, Peanut Brittle, and more, each with their own meaning, and each differing in different cultures. Hence, it is important to check with your parents and relatives to ensure adherence to the practices for your Guo Da Li ceremony. Once that is out of the way, it’s time to actually buy them.

For an auspicious Guo Da Li for your wedding, here’s a curated list of enticing array of the best Xi Bing for Guo Da Li —  ranging from beloved classics passed down through generations to contemporary versions that boast innovative flavours and designs.

1. Thiam Yian Confectionery

Traditional xi bing in Singapore from 30 years traditional baker
Photo: Thiam Yian Confectionery

Thiam Yian Confectionery, a celebrated name for the finest Guo Da Li cakes, carries a remarkable legacy that began in 1988. Founded by the talented Mr. Tan Tiek Chow, a passionate baker from Malaysia, the confectionery has been enchanting customers with their authentic traditional baked goods for over three decades.

Now situated at 1004 Upper Serangoon Road, Thiam Yian Confectionery continues to offer a captivating selection of handmade traditional bread, cakes, and pastries, which have become increasingly rare to find elsewhere. Among their standout offerings are the 8pcs Assorted Wedding Slice Cake, Wedding Tau Sar Bing, and Cantonese – Wedding Si Se Bing, each carrying the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. Thiam Yian cakes are a treat of tradition and quality. Their soft, fluffy sponge cakes come with a richly buttery, not overly sweet buttercream too.

Thiam Yian Confectionery

2. Bengawan Solo

Chinese wedding cakes in Singapore
Photo: Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo stands as one of the top choices for Guo Da Li cakes, and their exceptional reputation is deeply rooted in their rich history and commitment to quality.

Over the past four decades, their commitment to exceptional quality and freshness has made Bengawan Solo a household name locally, while also capturing the hearts of international visitors seeking a uniquely Singaporean food souvenir. For the auspicious occasion of Guo Da Li, they offer an array of wedding cakes such as Wedding Fruit Cake, Walnut Cake, Butter Cake, Banana Cake, and Pandan Kaya Cake. Moreover, they also provide the option of wedding vouchers in replacement of the actual Xi Bing, allowing guests to redeem their treats at their own time and convenience.

Bengawan Solo

3. Neo Kian Guan Confectionery

Xi Bing is also known as guo da li cakes
Photo: Neo Kian Guan Confectionery

Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cake has earned its reputation of baking one of the best Xi Bings in Singapore through its rich history and focus on traditional cakes.

Established in 1932, the bakery initially catered to the Hokkien enclave near Jalan Kayu, primarily offering Hokkien confectionery. Over time, their Teochew confectionery became equally popular. Now ,the bakery’s offerings are thoughtfully categorised into four main groups — Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, and Hainan. Not only does this offer a wide variety of choices, it allows the younger generation to easily browse for the “right” Xi Bings. Their specialities include Lau Hua & Mua Lau, Jin Teh, Wu Se Long Fong Bing, and Da Long Fong Bing, which showcase their commitment to preserving traditional recipes.

For couples seeking a taste of nostalgia during their Guo Da Li ceremony, Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cake remains a top contender.

Neo Kian Guan Confectionery

4. Edith Patisserie

Modern wedding cakes from a modern cake shop in Singapore - Edith Patisserie
Photo: Edith Patisserie

Although not specialising in Guo Da Li cakes, Edith Patisserie has gained widespread acclaim for their expertise in crafting layered cakes, brownies, and tarts that add a touch of magic to various celebrations.

Despite their diverse offerings, they have mastered the art of Guo Da Li cakes. This is exemplified by their delectable Double Happiness Guo Da Li Box of Ten tarts. Each tart, filled with a delightful raspberry ganache, is adorned with Guo Da Li-inspired designs made up of mixed berries, edible flowers, and ‘Double Happiness’ wordings in chocolate.

Edith Patisserie also takes pride in using premium ingredients, guaranteeing consistent taste and presentation in every delectable bite.

Edith Patisserie

5. Creme Maison Bakery

Photo: Creme Maison Bakery

For a modern and elegant Guo Da Li ceremony, Creme Maison Bakery is the ideal choice.

Their focus on contemporary design is evident in their intricately crafted cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cake popsicles, and gift boxes, all designed to bring sophistication to the occasion. Specific to the Xi Bings, their designs come in auspicious red tones, gold accents, creative fondant work and delectable flavours. More importantly, Creme Maison Bakery ensures a delightful experience for all. They offer a wide range of options in size, tiers, colours and flavours, including low-sugar and halal-certified choices. From full-sized artisanal cakes to cupcakes gift sets like the Jubilee Box and Eden Cake Popsicles, their creations provide endless possibilities, making the celebration truly memorable with a modern twist.

Creme Maison Bakery

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