Obanyaki (Japanese Pancakes) from 108 Matcha Saro, uncut

When a matcha franchise hails all the way from Hokkaido, Japan, it is natural to have high expectations.

108 Matcha Saro is a matcha speciality store that originates from Asahikawa, Hokkaido that utilises premium Kyoto Uji Matcha. Although limited to matcha desserts and drinks, they have an impressive repertoire of obanyaki, warabi mochi, parfaits and soft serves.

The warabi mochi, a Japanese, jelly-like rice cake, was gooey but not tacky. It almost had a melt-in-your-mouth texture, which is unlike typical mochi that has a chewier, more textural bite. The warabi mochi comes dusted in either matcha or kinako, a roasted soybean flour. It is common ingredient in Japanese cuisine that has an intense nutty flavour.

While the matcha had a delightful touch of astringency to it, my heart leaned towards the kinako. 

Meanwhile, the Obanyaki, a Japanese stuffed pancake, came in a variety of flavours: Original Dough with Matcha Custard or Custard ($2.9), Matcha Dough with Red Bean Paste ($2.9) (add $0.6 for an additional warabi mochi filling), Matcha Dough with Double Chocolate ($3.5) and Matcha Dough with Cheese Trio ($3.5).

Unfortunately, they were underwhelming. The matcha custard was lackluster, and so was the matcha dough. But, the red bean paste, which is apparently sourced from Taiwan, had a deep earthy note.

Lastly, the cheese trio, comprised of cheddar mozzarella, French cream cheese and 108’s premium cheese mix. It had a delicate light flavour, which was a stark contrast to the punchy, cheesy goodness from Mr Bean.


While 108 Matcha Saro uses more premium ingredients, such as the Uji matcha powder. the flavours were not reflected in the taste. That being said, there are still soft serves, parfaits and matcha lattes left untried, so it is still too early to conclude.

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