Should I buy a water dispenser?

Let’s put it in perspective. Tap water in Singapore is safe to drink, but how many of us would still boil it. Not much of a hassle, until you factor in the chore of having to do this every time you’re parched, when you can simply get a glass with just the press of a button; perfectly chilled or heated water, whenever you please.

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In recent years, water dispensers have taken the stage with a bang. Water dispensers are no longer a luxury, but a necessary in many households. Yet, amidst the buzz, a sprinkle of uncertainty lingers for some, questioning the true value of investing in this modern home appliance. Don’t miss out on upgrading your hydration game and transforming your daily water routine into a breeze. Here are four reasons for you to invest in a water dispenser at home.

1. Promotes improved health and well-being

Ditch the old boiling routine! While boiled tap water might seem “clean” to drink, boiling water will not remove the harmful viruses and contaminants in it. Let’s be honest, the “metal” flavour isn’t desirable too. With a water dispenser, it’s time to say goodbye to stale water and you can have clean and safe water at your fingertips.

A water dispenser like the RUHENS Quint, presents an advanced 4-stage filtration system that ensures the highest levels of disinfection, with up to 99.999% microbial inactivation. This innovative system effectively removes harmful pollutants like iron, aluminium, mercury, and larger impurities. In addition, the Micro Carbon Filter and Nanofact Plus Filter work together to eliminate waterborne microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. Meanwhile, the Post Carbon Block Filter absorbs chlorine, bad taste, and odours.

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As an additional benefit, RUHENS also offer an optional Alkaline filter. Alkaline water provides additional benefits to regular water, such as soothing acid reflux and lowering high blood pressure.

The patented Acuva IntenseBeamTM technology also penetrates deep into the body of the drinking water, disinfecting the entire volume rather than just the surface or water pathways, ensuring consistent UV-LED dose for water appliances.

Every hour, for a duration of 10 minutes, the nozzle undergoes self-sterilisation using UV-C LED technology to eradicate any potential contamination, ensuring the water you dispense remains safe and pristine.

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By investing in a water dispenser with such cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are consuming purified water free from harmful contaminants.

2. Cost-effective

You must be thinking “but a water dispenser isn’t cheap!” While it is more costly than a simple kettle, the cost is really nothing to squirm at if you put things in perspective.

For starters, if you drink eight cups of water per day for three years, and you have two people in your household, that is essentially 14 cents per cup of clean water. RUHENS Quint is a cost-effective game-changer for your home. Furthermore, its advanced filtration system saves you from constantly buying plastic bottles, and its energy-saving ECO sensor cut down on energy consumption, making it eco-friendly and budget-friendly. With durable construction and reliable components, this dispenser ensures long-term savings by minimising maintenance and replacement costs.

3. Convenient and saves time

Hydration is made hassle-free! With a water dispenser in your kitchen, you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of filling a kettle, plugging it in, and waiting for it to boil, which takes about four minutes on average. Let’s think about all those precious minutes you could have saved!

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, craving a hot cup of tea or coffee to kickstart your day. With a water dispenser, you can have it in seconds instead of having to wait for the water to boil.

But that’s not all. The RUHENS Quint is the master of temperature control, allowing you to dispense in five different temperatures: 4°C, 20°C, 40°C, 70°C and 87°C! Whether you need ice-cold water to quench your thirst on a sweltering day or perfectly heated water to steep your tea, the perfect beverage is just a button away.

For parents, you can also easily sterilise your baby’s bottles or prepare some warm drinks for them too! With such versatile options at your fingertips, you’ll have the perfect water temperature for any occasion!

4. Aesthetic appliance for your kitchen

Tired of a cluttered fridge filled with water bottles and tangled cords from kettles on your countertop? The RUHENS Quint is a compact and efficient machine that combines the functionalities of a kettle, filter, and iced water jug all in one sleek package. This sleek and attractive dispenser effortlessly complements your home’s aesthetics, making them a perfect addition to your renovation project.

So if this article has changed your perspective about water dispensers, what are you waiting for?

The RUHENS Quint is priced at $2,599 and available for purchase at RUHENS Studios.


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