If you’re planning a short trip to Bangkok, let me guess your itinerary: Platinum Mall, night markets, cafes, thrifting perhaps, and maybe a few slightly more niche attractions like a cooking class. It might seem like all Bangkok has to offer is food and shopping. I won’t be the judge of that. But if you’re planning to eat your heart out, why not indulge in authentic local food. Now, I don’t mean your roadside 50 baht boat noodles, although admittedly, those are pretty tasty. I’m referring to something a little bit more niche.

Seeking refuge from the crowd in one of the stores

Bangkok’s Chinatown, a tourist attraction that’s probably a bit less popular, especially among Singaporeans, is a labyrinth of bustling streets and crowded alleys that holds trove of culinary delights. We recommend signing up a food tour for the best experience.

A Chef’s Tour, a food tour in Bangkok, offers an exclusive journey through this vibrant district, surprising you with about 15-20 dishes from several hidden gems.

Why do you need a food tour?

Bangkok’s version of Kway Chap, with a peppery soup

Navigating the crowded streets of Chinatown alone can be daunting. It’s so crowded that you might be pressured to settle for the first restaurant in sight, even if you know it’s not the best one there.

A Chef’s Tour ensures you don’t miss out on the true gems hidden amidst the chaos. The tour takes you through the back alleys of Chinatown, where the locals dine, instead of pricey overrated tourist traps.

Highlights of this culinary escapade include a visit to a street cart renowned for serving the most aromatic jackfruits, the plumpest river prawns in a 4-storey restaurant, and a surprising twist with soy sauce ice cream.

If you’re wondering what’s the value of paying someone to recommend you food, you can read up about our experience with A Chef’s Tour in Chiang Mai. But, in short, these tours reveal hidden culinary gems that would otherwise remain undiscovered on Google. For instance, one of the curry stores, with decades of history, was hidden deep within the back alleys. Unless you’re a local or you have friends who stay here, you probably wouldn’t even think about dining there.

Everything you need to know about A Chef’s Tour Bangkok

So if you’re planning on signing, here are some key factors to take note of so you can design a seamless itinerary for your Bangkok trip.

  • It’s USD$59, which translates to about SGD$75-80
  • The pickup point is at Shanghai Mansion, located inside Chinatown
  • The whole tour is about 4 hours
  • For Bangkok’s food tour, it’s all within Chinatown so you’ll be walking from point-to-point (but rest assured, everything is pretty near one another)
  • Do not be late as there is a maximum of 8 per group

A Chef’s Tour Bangkok

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