Cute cheesecakes in Bangkok cafes

For the prettiest desserts in Thailand, you have to visit ICI.BKK, located right beside Terminal 21.

It’s no surprise that the desserts are so exquisitely designed, considered it’s founded and helmed by Arisara ‘Paper’ Chongphanitkul, an acclaimed dessert chef who worked at Issaya Group.

Singapore-inspired dessert

Paper’s latest creation features a Singaporean classic — the Chilli Crab (450 baht). It’s perfectly modeled after a giant crab pincer, and professionally plated droplets of “chilli sauce”.

Chilli Crab. Photo: ICI.BKK

Don’t be fooled. This mind-boggling dessert is actually made out of calamari mousse, coconut streusel, and coffee caramel.  Savoury elements, such as chilli sauce, salty egg crumbs and tomato sponge cake are added to mimic the sweet and salty flavours of the actual dish.

Similarly, the Starfish (450 baht) takes a page from Bangkok’s Michelin Guide 2019. It’s a fruity, spicy and rich dessert that blends pineapple, coconut, ginger, and coffee together.

These two are ICI.BKK’s bestsellers, which sells out fast, usually right after noon. Unfortunately, we arrived too late.

But, we still managed to try their My Cheesecake (215 baht) — a crowd favourite that features a cute mouse perched onto of a baked cheesecake. The flavours are simple. It’s really just your regular baked cheesecake, with a softer, creamier texture, but the addition of a parmesan biscuit created a sweet and salty flavour combination.

Edible batteries, clouds, and more…

Recharge with this edible battery. Re-Charge (245 baht) is inspired by Japanese flavours.

It starts with a matcha sponge, which encapsulates a layer of black sesame anglaise, red bean paste, matcha mousse, and black sesame crunch as the core. Very earthy, and for how strong each individual flavours were, none were overpowering when they were pieced together.

While not as quaint, the Snow White (185 baht) stole our hearts with its flavours. Inspired by the poisonous apple in the Disney classic, this was an intoxicating dessert.

Snow White — yuzu whipped ganache, apricot-red apple inserted biscuit joconde, crumble base

It was fruity and refreshing. The apricots and apples had genuine flavours, which was accentuated by the tangy yuzu-whipped ganache. The “apple” was placed on top of a biscuit crumble base.

A hot chocolate you wouldn’t want to drink 

Everybody loves a good hot chocolate. But not when it’s as adorable as this… I mean, do you really have the heart to take a sip from this?

The Hot Chocolate (165 baht) is ICI.BKK’s most adorable drinks. Coffee is available from 93 baht, but you can also try the more interesting drinks such s the Toddy Palm Latte (135 baht), Yuzu Soda (165 baht) and Butterscotch Milk (195 baht).


Location: 24 Sukhumvit Soi 27, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 007 3113
Opening hours: 10am-6pm (closed on Monday)

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