Old-school bakes and coffee at Chin Mee Chin Confectionary: Nanyang Coffee, Kaya Swiss Roll, Kaya Toast, Otah Bun and Cream Horn

The antique decor and old-school name hints at what the bakery offers: olden-days coffee and bakes.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary returns to East Coast with a new look and menu.

Their Breakfast Menu ($4.9) comprises kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and a drink; the usual.

The kaya toast won me over with its pillowy texture. The thin spread of kaya was aromatic and was lightly sweetened. If only they were more generous with the butter though.

You can purchase the kaya toast a la carte at $2.2.

Just like the kaya toast, the coffee was light, devoid of the robust flavours Nanyang coffee typically has.

Kaya Swiss Roll at Chin Mee Chin

On the other hand, their Kaya Swiss Roll ($2) was significantly sweeter.

Other items on Chin Mee Chin’s menu include Hae Bee Hiam Bun ($2.2), Otah Bun ($2.2) and Cream Horn ($2).

The Otah Bun had a decent amount of filling and its saltiness acted as a good counter to the sweeter dishes.

However, the Cream Horn traumatised us with an unhealthy amount of buttercream. We were expecting something lighter like custard or whipped cream. Fortunately, the four of us only bought one to share.

While the food wasn’t the best, the mosaic jade tiles, hanging lights and ceiling fans, and antique decors imbued a nostalgic charm into this quaint cafe.


It has been a year since they’ve re-opened but the queue on a Saturday morning still took us by surprise. Either camp at their entrance at 8am, or expect a one-hour wait.

Its aesthetics was intriguing. However, while the kaya toast was decent, it didn’t warrant the long waiting time.

Location: 204 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428903
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Sun: 8am- 4pm


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