Andersen’s of Denmark is a brand that many Singaporeans are familiar with and have fond memories of.

They are best known for their ice creams, made according to traditional Danish recipes, but did you know that Andersen’s also serves bingsu?

From Denmark to Korea

Strawberry Tickles (left) and Mango Blondie (right)

Andersen’s bingsu is a marriage between Denmark and Korean influences. Adopting the Korean dessert, Andersen’s puts their own twist on it using quality ingredients sourced from Denmark, as well as a scoop of their Danish ice cream. 

They have four bingsu flavours to choose from on their menu — Strawberry Tickles, Mango Blondie, Triple Chocolate Fantasy, and Creamy Cookies.

The Strawberry Tickles consists of fresh strawberries, blueberries, cheesecake bites, a scoop of Strawberries and Cream ice cream, and a bed of milky shaved ice on the bottom. The shaved ice was fluffy and soft, its texture almost resembling snow.

Our pick was the Mango Blondie, which consisted of refreshing mango cubes, cheesecake bites, and a scoop of Fruits of the Forest ice cream. 

Andersen’s classic waffles

The best way to enjoy an ice cream is with waffles, and Andersen is known for theirs.

The Black Forest features a spongy, almost cake-like waffle, topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries, dollops of whipped cream, and two scoops of ice cream. Here, we have the Mocha Almond Fudge, a sweet coffee ice cream with almond bits, and the Macadamia Nut, a vanilla-based ice cream studded with macadamia bits. 

If you’re looking for summer in a waffle, the Mixed Fruits would be right up your alley. It consists of a Danish waffle and an assortment of fresh fruits: blueberries, kiwi, strawberries and banana. For our ice creams, we got the Blueberry and Mint Chocolate Chip, the latter being surprisingly delightful. 

Christmas-exclusive log cakes

In the spirit of festivities, Andersen’s has also released Christmas-themed ice cream log cakes and stump cakes. Their cakes feature a variety of their most popular flavours — Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla to name a few — and contain no cake at all, just ice cream. 


*This article is written in partnership with Andersen’s, but all opinions are my own

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