Is dapper coffee closed?

Yes. Unfortunately, this coffeehouse at Telok Ayer, famous for its sparkling unicorn tears drink, is permanently closed.

Our honest review of Dapper Coffee

You’ve probably seen these sparkling Unicorn Tears drink online from Dapper Coffee, a cafe at Telok Ayer. They’re also famous for their Sparkling Gold Brew, a glittered, shimmering rendition of the popular coffee cold brew. But are these drinks just for the gram, and are they worth the hype?

Unicorn Tears drink – Just Hype?

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Instagrammable drinks like these never appealed to me since most of them are really just for the gram. And true enough, the Unicorn Tears fell in the same category. Tastes like lemonade, but its ethereal appearance, as if each bottle was painstakingly extracted from the mythical creature, did make up for the lack of an impressive flavour. Dapper Coffee’s Unicorn Tears are priced at S$10 per bottle and are available in pink and blue.

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To conclude, this is something that I would get once, and only once, for a nice photo.

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That being said, the Sparkling Gold Brew (S$10) did allure me. If you’ve seen photos, you’d know what I mean. But it was unfortunate that they had run out. So I had to settle for a Hot Latte. The milk was poorly frothed, as seen from the photo that induces trypophobia. I apologize if this actually freaks you out. Thank god the taste was fine though. Using a darker roast, it appeals to those who appreciate a more bitter note, complemented with a subtle char.

But if you’re really looking for a good cup of coffee, head down to Tanjong Pagar for cafes such as Flash Coffee and Equate Coffee.

Only 3 mains?

I was a little disappointed at Dapper Coffee’s menu. With a limited option of only Mac & Cheese, Nasty Sandwich and Japanese Curry Rice, all priced at $16.

dapper coffee menu, Mac and cheese, food at Telok ayer

We got the Mac & Cheese with house-cured bacon. It was a classic. Sharp cheddar that melts into the crevices of the macaroni, bacon for a touch of savory and panko for the finishing touch. Nothing to complain but, nothing to boast about at the same time.

dapper coffee menu, beef sandwich, food at Telok ayer

The roast beef for the Nasty Sandwich was quite tough to cut and bite into. Personal opinion, but I also wasn’t a fan of how funky the Pommery Mustard tasted. To sum up, this sandwich was a no from me.


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So what’s our review of Dapper Coffee?

Besides the chewy roast beef, the food and drinks weren’t bad. But there was really nothing much going on for them besides the Instagrammable drink, which in my opinion, was only worth one purchase. In all, the ‘be back’ factor isn’t strong for this one.

For other cafe recommendations in Telok Ayer, check out our review on Korio.

Location: 73A Amoy Street Second Floor, 069892
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri); 8am – 3 pm (Sat – Sun)

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