We’ve seen minimalistic coffee bars in Singapore with mathematical notations like %Arabica, Equate Coffee, Degree Celsius and now Fahrenheit Coffee.

Fahrenheit Coffee is also the receptionist area for a spa, so naturally, it emanates feelings of serenity.

A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa…

It’s a small space, with a large coffee table for a big group, and built-in benches for individuals or couples. There’s no space for doing productive work here though. But even if there was, the relaxing ambience makes it impossible to get any work done.

Espresso-based coffee starts from $4 for a single shot of Espresso, $5 for a Black, $5 for a White and $6.5 for a Mocha.

The mocha was infused with 72% dark chocolate which results in a more emphatic chocolatey note. I do wish there was more balance with the espresso but it was an interesting experience.

Hot Latte with swan latte art at Fahrenheit Coffee

Meanwhile, the Hot Latte ($5) was balanced, with a punchy chocolate aftertaste.

I got their Filter Coffee that uses an award-winning single origin from Ethiopia. It promises nuances of elderflower, grape candy with a long peachy finish. However, I’m no coffee connoisseur when it comes to filter coffee so frankly, I couldn’t taste a single thing. What I did experience was one of the cleanest cup of filter, with a tinge of sweetness to it.

For a light snack to go with your meal, Fahrenheit Coffee offers light snacks like Caneles, Kardemumbullar (Swedish Cardamom Buns), Chokladbullar (Swedish Chocolate Buns), Sous Vide Eggs with Kaya Toast, and more. But, that’s for another time.

Location: 75 Beach Rd, #01-00A, Singapore 189689
Tel: +65 9049 5324
Opening hours: 9am-6pm


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