Fresh Fruits Lab, a whimsical pastel themed cafe located exactly in between Kembangan and Eunos MRT Station, serves the freshest fruit juice and Western-Asian fusion dishes.

*Do note that Fresh Fruits Lab is closed and has rebranded to Simplicité.

Interior of Fresh Fruits Lab - Whimsical pastel design

They’re also the same group of people who found Platform 1094, the Harry Potter-themed cafe located at Serangoon.

Fresh Fruit Juice

Let’s start with the Fruit Juice. The pure fruit juices- Apple, Orange and Pineapple– costs S$5 whereas a blend of two- Apple Carrot, Apple Orange and Orange Carrot– costs S$6. The more complex combinations go up to S$8.

We got the Zesty Greens which consists of cucumber, spinach and apple. The ultimate detox was refreshing and a little bit tart. And it came in a laboratory flask, tying in with their restaurants’ name.

For a more Instagrammable drink, you can also try the Unicorn Soda (S$8) which is a multi-coloured passionfruit soda with fruity ice cubes.

Free samples of their fruit juice!

Impressive Mains

I was really impressed by the quality of the mains with the impression that Fresh Fruits Lab would place more emphasis on their juices.

We started with the lab’s bestseller- FFL Da Bomb Burger (S$19). It was a classic burger with standard ingredients like romance lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, sweet onion, cheddar and a sunny side up. I would almost never order burgers at restaurants that don’t specialize in them (I wasn’t the one who ordered this). There’s nothing worse than a dry patty. But, FFL (stood up) with its rather moist and juicy patty. I wouldn’t say it was da bomb, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Next, the chefs’ recommendation – Soft Shell Crab Burger (S$19). Just like the Da Bomb Burger, Fresh Fruits Lab was very generous with the ingredients, with a huge chunk of crab between the burger buns. Their in-house chili crab sauce leans towards the sweeter end.

People who don’t like mentaiko is a rare breed and their reason is usually, “it’s too decadent.” Well, they’re not wrong. But Fresh Fruits Lab has the perfect dish for them. A light mentaiko pasta- Masago Caviar Pasta (S$20). The al dente pasta is coated generously with masago caviar which exudes the same umami quality, but without the overpowering creaminess of the mayonnaise in traditional mentaiko pasta. It’s also topped with scallops and a quail egg.

Lastly, the dish that got me reminiscing the whole night, their Classic Pork Chop (S$19). No fancy seasoning or cooking techniques. Just a plain ol’ grilled pork chop served with sautéed green zucchini, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes.

The presentation already won me over. But, I’m not that shallow of a foodie. It was perfectly seared and blessed with a body so tender it almost melted in your mouth. The seasoning was also on point. I wish I could be more descriptive but it was such a simple dish. But, a simple dish done right.


Fresh Fruits Lab is no doubt one of the best cafes in the East, comparable to South Union Park and definitely deserves a lot more attention. Pet owners will also be delighted to hear that their outdoor sitting area is pet-friendly.

Location: 351 Changi Rd, Singapore 419818
Opening hours: 11am- 10pm (Tue- Fri); 10am- 10pm (Sat- Sun)


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