As more people are chanting “new year new me”, but proceeding to not workout, IKEA Singapore launches the DAJLIEN collection — a versatile array of home gym equipment, training gear, and chic athleisure — to motivate you to hit your fitness goals this year.

DAJLIEN Training Weights. Photo: IKEA

IKEA home gym equipment

Bid farewell to mundane workouts as IKEA’s DAJLIEN collection introduces multi-functional training gear designed to elevate your exercise routine. Choose from a selection of aesthetic and compact exercise equipment that’s perfect for on-the-go sessions or solo workouts at home:

DAJLIEN 4-Piece Exercise Set. Photo: IKEA
  • DAJLIEN Exercise Mat ($39.9): Designed for comfort and functionality
  • DAJLIEN 4-Piece Exercise Set ($49.9): Includes knee pads, a massage ball, and a yoga strap
  • DAJLIEN Step-Up Board ($39.9): Effortlessly tucked away, this step-up board is ideal for solo or shared fitness experiences and promises seamless storage
  • DAJLIEN Training Weights ($29.90/2pcs): Uniquely shaped for a dynamic grip and sleek design, these weights maintain a clutter-free workout space

Don’t worry about the clutter. Even with all sorts of new workout equipment at home, IKEA’s DAJLIEN collection offers functional storage to create clutter-free spaces:

DAJLIEN Trolley. Photo: IKEA
  • DAJLIEN Bench with Storage ($175); Crafted from bamboo, this sturdy bench doubles as a discreet storage solution, providing a secure workout surface
  • DAJLIEN Trolley ($129): Featuring wheels, a mesh side, and multiple storage options

The new collection also includes stylish athleisure for those who wish to train comfortably outdoors.

The DAJLIEN collection is available both in-stores and online.


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