Southeast Asian coffee chains have taken Singapore by storm, We’ve witnessed the ascent of distinctive brands over the years: Flash Coffee, with its bold yellow storefronts, rapidly etched its presence on every street corner, while luckin coffee ushered in a cashierless revolution with its modern blue hues.

Now, a fresh contender emerges from the depths of Raffles City – Kenangan Coffee.

Fresh brews from $2.9

Hailing from the coffee-rich lands of Indonesia, Kenangan Coffee boasts a staggering 600 outlets across the archipelago, with an additional five in Malaysia. This beloved Indonesian coffee chain has earned its stripes by committing to the use of the finest Arabica beans, meticulously sourced from the bountiful regions of Indonesia. What sets Indonesian coffee culture apart is its remarkable diversity. You get earthy and balanced brews from Java, spices from Sumatra, floral aromas from Kitamani, and more. This rich coffee repertoire is only possible in Indonesia due to its different volcanic soil and lush vegetation unique to each island. 

Your standard espresso-based drinks start from $2.9 for an Espresso. An Americano starts from $3.9, while a Latte starts from $4.5. 

The first of its kind?

Kenangan Coffee is also possibly the only grab-and-go coffee chain in Singapore that offers pour over coffee. For busy commuters, you won’t have to worry about the long waiting as Kenangan Coffee has revolutionised pour overs with the latest technology. The Black Eagle Maverick significantly cuts the brewing time, while ensuring consistent extraction across all their cups. 

And to cater to a wider audience, they have added a modern twist to their repertoire. This beloved brand in Indonesia has also captured the hearts of many with their Avocado Coffee ($6.5), Creamy Latte ($4.9) and signature Kenangan Latte ($4.9). The Kenangan Latte is their most popular drink for good reason. Instead of sweetening with sugar, which can result in a flat flavour, gula aren is used, bestowing a more complex mix of sweet and smokey notes. 

Lastly, for the non-coffee drinkers, you can also choose order Avocado Milk ($6.5), Chocolate ($5.5), Ice Shaken Passion Fruit Tea ($4.5), and Ice Shaken Strawberry Tea ($4.5).

Kenangan Coffee has plans to open 20 outlets across Singapore.

Kenangan Coffee

Location: Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103, B1-K10
Opening hours: 10am-10pm

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