Lukumades, the famous Greek doughnut chains from Australia opens in Singapore. This franchise is halal-friendly and offers vegan-friendly options.

Biscoff-flavoured. Photo: Lukumades Singapore / Instagram

The star of their menu is their loukoumades, delectable bite-sized Greek doughnut balls that are available in a variety of toppings and sauces for customisation according to your preferences.

What sets it apart is the mochi-like texture that’s chewy on the inside combined with creamy sauce adds a mildly sweet and milky contrast. Kick off your order with the Half Tray ($8.5), which includes five balls. For a more extensive experience, go for the Whole Tray ($12) for 10 balls.

Custard Filled Doughnuts. Photo: Lukumades Singapore / Instagram

Lukumades’ crowd favourites include Bueno ($13) and Pistachio ($13), along with vegan options like Lotus Crunch ($13).

Indecisive patrons can go for the Half-Half ($15), presenting two flavours in one box for the best of both worlds.

Beyond doughnuts, they also offer a refreshing solution for the tropical climate with a range of gelato flavours such as Pistachio, Tiramisu, and Mango Passion Sorbet, where each scoop priced at $5. For drinks, they offer refreshers, shakes, and coffee starting from $5.


Location: 60 Arab Street, #01-01, Singapore 199757

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