What’s to look forward to in December? Normies will answer ‘Christmas’, but we all know what the correct answer is.

Netflix has just announced the release date of Alice in Borderland season 2 — 22 Dec. The new season picks up after Arisu (Kento Yamzaki) leaves The Beach after collecting the first ten card of each suit. On top of a new arena, season 1 also introduces the new cast members — Sho Aoyagi as Aguni and Riisa Naka as Mira.

We’ve previously round up a list of the best tv series and anime like Alice in Borderland.

To hype you up for the upcoming season, here’s an extensive list of manga like Alice in Borderland, which the protagonists are dragged into a deadly game.

1. Liar Game

Would you play a game for a 100 million yen?

Liar Game Tournament is a twisted game where contestants, who each start off with 100 million yen, are encouraged to cheat and lie to obtain other contestants’ money.

The story begins when college student Nao Kanzaki gets dragged into the game. Her honesty and naivety causes her to lose immediately, forcing her to reach out to a con man named Shinichi Akiyama. Although he easily helps her retrieve her money, they decided to stay in the game to free other contestants from their debt, and put an end to the game.

Genre: Psychological thriller, gambling

2. As The God’s Will

It’s important to remember the rules of popular childhood games. Because if you don’t, you’ll die.

When mysterious daruma-sans, a traditional Japanese doll, materialised in every classroom in Japan, the event launched a series of deadly games that every student was forced to participate in. The games are centered around traditional children’s games such as, Daruma-san ga koronda, Maneki Neko, and Kagome Kagome

No one knows who is behind the games, when it will end, and most importantly, what it’s for. One thing is clear though. If they stop playing, they die.

The manga is split into two series, both featuring different groups of characters, who will eventually meet in the final arc of the second series.

Genre: Psychological thriller, survival

3. King’s Game

The game begins when entire class of 32 people receive a message from someone who identifies himself as “King”. The rules of the game is simple: Everyday, a new message that contains an order specific to a student, or a group of students, will be sent out. If the order is not complied, the respective students will die. Nobuaki Kanazawa, is determined to put a stop to the murderous King’s Game.

King’s Game is part of a series that includes Kings Game: Origin, which explains the origin of the deadly game, as well as King’s Game: Extreme, where the game haunts Nobuaki after he wins the first game and transfers to a new school.

Genre: Body horror, drama

4. Darwin’s Game

17-year-old student Kaname Sudo accepts an invitation by a friend to play a mobile game called Darwin’s Game, without knowing that it’s a game which he has to gamble his life on. Participants of the game is given a Sigil, an ability that varies from player to player.

Not only is Kaname determined to survive, he aims to seek out and kill the mastermind behind the game.

Genre: Action

5. Future Diary

To pick the next god of the universe, 12 individuals are dragged into a battle royale — Diary Game. The God of Time and Space, Ex Machine, bestowed the 12 individuals, who own diaries, with special diaries that can predict the future. The prediction range of each individual’s diary is set according its respective content. 

Yukiteru Amano, is a shy 14-year-old student who jots down everything about his surroundings. As such, his diary allows him predict future events up to 90 days. Meanwhile, Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru’s psychopathic stalker, fills up her diary with events related to Yukiteru, gaining the ability to predict his future. The two of them team up to eliminate the other diary holders. 

Genre: Psychological thriller, mystery, romance

6. Deadman Wonderland

Instead of being sentenced to death for a crime he was framed for, protagonist Ganta Igarashi is sent to Deadman Wonderland, a privately run prison that doubles as an amusement park. In the prison, he finds out that he is able to manipulate his blood freely, an attribute of a Deadman. Deadmen are people who were infected with a parasite during the Great Tokyo Earthquake. Hence, he is forced to compete in brutal gladiator death matches to earn pills that delays his execution.

While trying to survive as an inmate, he intends to find the culprit who framed him for his crime to clear his name, and eventually unfolds the darker secrets of Deadman Wonderland.

Genre: Action thriller, dystopian

7. Birdcage Castle

When Kumo Shirasagi disappeared without a trace, a group of six classmates set out to look for her. They end up at Birdcage Castle, an abandoned amusement park on a remote hill by the countryside.

Little did they know, entering the park meant participating in a deadly game. All six of them were knocked out, and woke up with metal collars around their neck. The rules of game they were forced into are simple: they cannot turn back from any chosen path, and they must always move in pairs. The punishment for breaking either of these rules is certain death.

Genre: Psychological thriller, mystery

8. Gantz

When two highschol students, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, were killed in a train accident, they woke up in another dimension. The rules of the world is simple. Their lives belonged to a mysterious man name Gantz, and they are forced to eliminate targets for him.

Except for a single mission, all the targets are aliens living on Earth, which take on a wide variety of forms. Kei and Masaru are awarded with points for each completed mission, and the accumulation of 100 points allow them to trade it for one of the following options: returning to their normal lives without any memory of Gantz and his missions, or obtaining a powerful and unique weapon.

Genre: Psychological thriller, science fiction

*Photos: Screenshots from respective manga

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