Nitro coffee isn’t just some fancy term to upsell regular coffee. And no, it has nothing to do with Discord. Those who aren’t that big of a coffee enthusiast might be wondering, “what is nitro coffee?” Essentially, nitro coffee, or nitro cold brew coffee, to be exact, is infused with nitrogen gas to create a smoother texture, and lightly sweeter flavour. Starbucks Singapore introduced it in 2019, after witnessing what a big hit it was in the states. But, locals didn’t seem too receptive about it.

Three years later, we witness the return of nitro cold brew coffee. But this time, by a local coffee brand — MO Cafe.

MO Cafe, also known as Medano Coffee, isn’t exactly a cafe. Instead, it provides a unique coffee experience by embedding themselves in restaurants. Essentially, it empowers restaurants to serve quality coffee. They train restaurant staff, and provide them with coffee beans and recipes.

I’ve always been skeptical about getting coffee at restaurants. It’s usually generic tasting. If you’re unlucky, an unexperienced barista would ruin what’s already a subpar cup of coffee. However, seeing the pink ‘MO’ logo by Georges’ counter gave me the courage to order a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Georges @The Cove

It was smooth, lightly sweetened, inviolate of that astringency, or “bitterness” as some may describe.

MO Cafe only uses coffee beans from Gayo, Indonesia. Just that itself got me intrigued and eager to take the first sip. As expected, it had that smokey aroma that is attributed to Indonesian coffee beans. However, the sweetness from the nitrogen gas stripped away some if its undertones. I preferred MO Cafe’s regular Cold Brew Coffee.

Brunch by the sea

MO Cafe is currently collaborating with Georges and Anderson’s Ice Cream. We visited Georges @The Cove, located at Pasir Ris Beach.

Classic dishes can be a little dull when you have it over and over again. But when you pair it with a view like this… it’s no wonder why they have so many returning customers.

The classic brunch dishes include georges Big Breakfast ($15.9), which includes elements for a traditional English breakfast: eggs, sourdough, grilled tomatoes, hash brown, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, pork sausages and smocked ham hock beans.

You can also get something simpler, such as Grilled Ham & Cheese Sourdough Toast ($13.9) and Just Eggs ($12.9), which is… just eggs… with sourdough and salad.

For mains, the georges Burger ($20.9), was tender, moist, but the patty was too heavily seasoned.

MO Cafe’s coffee is available at Georges


*This article is written in partnership with MO Cafe, but all opinions are of my own

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