Women aren’t the only ones with taboos. Men try their best to remain furtive about their bladder issues and erectile dysfunctions. And while those are obviously problematic, I do have a stronger concern- hair loss. In fact, any hair-related problem- which includes dry and flaky scalp, dandruff, greasy hair, etc.- scares me.

Whatever it is that’s bothering you, you can probably find a remedy on PHS HAIRSCIENCE®. Some refer to them as miracle workers. And they’re not wrong. But, they prefer to give their credits to cutting-edge science and groundbreaking research and development in the field.

Obviously, treatments are effective solutions. But not only is it costly and hence unsustainable, but it’s also not a long-term solution. The most cost-effective method is basic hair care and treatment from home.

My hair is generally fine; maybe just a little too fine (pun intended) and easily tangled up. It’s also concerning whenever I find loose strands of hair stuck on the shower drain. But you shouldn’t be reading this review apathetically.

You’re closer than you think

“About 50 per cent of men will experience some form of balding by the time they hit their 50s or even earlier,” Dr Eileen Tan, dermatologist specialist, stated in a 2019 interview.

That means that if the chad beside you has a full, healthy head of hair, your head might have a brighter future than his…

Nothing to worry about though. There are 11 types of issues that PHS HAIRSCIENCE tackles and this isn’t exclusive to men. Some of which includes oily scalp, hair loss, coloured hair and even limp and flat hair.

Personally, I have a fear of hair loss. Stray hair on my pillow and sink isn’t the most comforting scene. This is why I selected products with the purpose of strengthening my roots and nourishing my scalp.

Hair loss regime

HOM Fortify Shampoo ($48) is specially formulated for hair loss and thinning concerns. The formula not only prevents DHT formation, which is a sex hormone that contributes to hair loss, it increases hair density and stimulates healthy hair regeneration.

I pair this with the HOM Fortify Tonic (S$120), applying it directly to the roots after shampooing.

Your everyday shampoo

An alternate shampoo that I use weekly for deep cleansing is the ADV Nutrition Shampoo (S$48). It’s your basic double-cleanse shampoo, ensuring that your scalp is rid of unwanted sebum and dirt. In addition, it restores scalp moisture balance and contains anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants.

It’s a general scalp maintenance shampoo that’s suitable for all hair types. If you’re at a loss of what shampoo to get because you don’t have a specific problem to target, this shampoo would be a great choice.


As mentioned before, I don’t really have a specific issue to tackle. But I do find that my hair tangles less after using the Fortify Shampoo and Tonic. In general, I felt that both shampoos do a great job in cleaning my hair without completely stripping it of its moisture.

Also a bonus that they smell so good.

*This article is written in collaboration with PHS HAIRSCIENCE

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