White New York style Pizza at Proper Slice, Telok Ayer

Nothing screams New York like eating a pizza in a tight alley embellished with stained newspapers.

Founded by the creators Lucali BYGB, Proper Slice is the latest hole-in-the-wall concept at Telok Ayer that serves New York-style pizzas.

Keep your eyes peeled for a red canvas shelter with ‘110’ printed in white as finding this sequestered pizza joint is no easy task.

Authentic New York-style pizza

The Original costs $8 per slice while their Special costs $10.

Crispy thin crust, on-point flavours, it was just your proper slice of pizza. There was no gimmick involved; even the ‘special’ pizzas were classic Italian flavours such as Pepperoni and Spinach & Ricotta.

The Original had a light tang from the tomato sauce whereas the White had a creamier, cheesier profile.

The Garlic Knot ($5) was served in a trio, with a side of marinara. The dough was fluffy, with a touch of bite and knots only made it a more fascinating vehicle for the coalescence of flavours that seemed to favour the nutty and salty bite of parmasan and the richeness of butter, leaving the fragrance of garlic wafting in the backdrop.

As enjoyable as it was , garlic girls will not appreciate its mellow flavours.


Crispy crust and hearty flavours are what make pizzas great, and Proper Slice had them covered.

When it comes to food as simple as smearing tomato sauce and cheese on dough, there is a limit to how mind-blowing it can be. Granted, authentic New York style pizzas is a rare commodity here and while I have nothing credible to compare Proper Slice to, this was admittedly a damn good slice. I’m just not sure about spending $10 on a slice of pizza under the blazing sun in a back-alley again. But hey, it was a great first experience.

Location: 110 Amoy Street #01-02 (Entrance off, Gemmill Ln), Singapore 069930
Opening hours: 12pm- 12am (Closed on Sundays)

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