The hole-in-the-wall along Ann Siang Hill bears a preppy aesthetic with its soothing shades of blue and exquisite ornaments, which is quite an uncanny contrast to the cosy layout of the cafe. Maxi Coffee Bar, located between the Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer cafe cluster, serves the finest coffee and an array of small bites.

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It took me a moment to locate it without a striking logo. But for anyone who’s walking from Club Street, it’s where the blue, intricately designed awning is. Maxi Coffee Bar can only accommodate 5-6 people indoors, but they do have a couple of seats outside if you don’t mind the heat. Thankfully, I got the seat right by the counter.

They have a fine selection of roasts which you can enquire from the barista. Filter coffee is priced between $6.5 to $8, whereas espresso-based starts from $3.5.

You could also try their best-sellers which includes the Iced Cereal Milk Latte ($7.5) and E&T ($7.5), which is short for espresso and tonic.

I got the Oat Cold Brew ($6.8) because it was so highly raved among my friends and come on, look at how aesthetic the bottle is. The design, paired with the posh ambience of the cafe, reminds me of Ralph Lauren’s Bear. But it actually features Maxie, the founder’s dog (which is also the namesake of the cafe), with cheeky references to A Clockwork Orange, a book they enjoyed reading. The line “I was Cured Alright” is actually the last sentence in the novel.

The problem I have with most white cold brews is that they’re usually too creamy and sweet for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, the ones from Butler Koffee, Brawn & Brains and Lunar Coffee Brewers were delectable but I personally prefer more subtlety when it comes to adding sweetness, like Glyph Supply Co’s white cold brew.

Usually, oat milk adds a thin layer of sweetness, which was what I was expecting; a rich, full-body cold brew. But, this was pleasantly nutty and malty, devoid of the distinct saccharine oat milk brings to the party. I loved it.

I also got the Miso PB&J ($5.5) to go with it. Like the Oat Cold Brew, I was expecting a punchy umami flavour from the Miso. But the infusion of the fermented soybean paste only introduced a savoury element, used to not only serrate the richness of the jelly, but created a more complex bite.

The flavour was already mind-blowing, and the vehicle used to carry it was on par. Fluffy, thick toast that was bestowed a thin veil of crisp from the toaster. Truly, a celestial pairing.

Location: 6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787
Tel: +65 9776 7400
Opening hours: 8am- 5pm (Tue- Thur); 9am- 5pm (Sat- Sun); Closed on Mondays


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