Rapunzel ride in Fantasy Springs Tokyo Disneyland

Finally! Tangled gets the love that it deserves with the new Rapunzel ride at Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs.

If you haven’t heard, Tokyo DisneySea has just launched a new area. Fantasy Springs features three sections with four new rides; one of them being “Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival”.

With limited access into Fantasy Springs, unless you’re holding the Fantasy Springs Magic Passport, you might be wondering if this new ride is worth queuing for.

Gothel's tower at Rapunzel's Lantern Festival ride
Flynn meeting Rapunzel for the first time at Gothel’s Tower

The new Rapunzel ride at Fantasy Springs

“Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival” is a water ride that takes you through the Tangled movie from start to finish in five minutes.

The ride starts outdoors, depicting the scene of Flynn meeting Rapunzel for the first time in Gothel’s Tower. Next, it heads into a cave that’s adorned with various sets: Flynn and Rapunzel falling in love, Rapunzel healing Flynn with the powers of her hair, and lastly, the iconic Lantern Festival.

However, these aren’t just your average movie sets. Not only will you find life-size installations of the characters; all are designed with smooth animatronics for realistic movements, light effects are projected onto the installations to enhance the realism of the ride.

Rapunzel healing Flynn with her magical hair, one of the best scenes in Rapunzel's Lantern Festival ride in DisneySea
The glowing of her hair in this scene was just fascinating!

For those who haven’t watched Tangled, here’s a summary of the plot:

A drop of sunlight from the sky creates a magical flower with healing properties. Gothel, the antagonist of the movie, has been using it to retain her youth, until the royalty of Corona Kingdom harvested it to save their newborn princess — Rapunzel. In order to maintain her youth, Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel and locked her away in a tall tower on the outskirts of the kingdom. As she grew, she has been always been fascinated by the yearly Lantern Festival, organised by the royalty in hopes to guide Rapunzel home, without knowing why. She requests to leave the tower to see the lanterns up close and is rejected by Gothel, so she strikes a deal with Flynn, a thief who encounters her during his heist.

Was “Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival” worth the queue?

Rapunzel swinging around the tree with Flynn at the Rapunzel ride

Was the new Tangled Ride at Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs worth queueing for?

It definitely was! Realistic set ups, enchanting effects.

However, if you only have a chance to pick one ride out of the four in Fantasy Springs, “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey” is objectively better — assuming you don’t have a bias towards either movie.

Compared “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey”, the Tangled ride doesn’t offer as much dialogue. The ride duration is also two minutes shorter and the light effects are not as magical.

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