Organic Bamboo Pads from Refined — personal care products

Refined offers a range of naturally derived women’s hygiene products, including sustainable, gentle options for period care, daily hygiene and more.

Confidence from within

The Organic Bamboo Pads come in three variations — Daily Liners ($7.9), Regular ($8.9), Maxiflow ($8.9) — and they are superior over regular cotton pads. Made with patented compressed bamboo fibre technology, there are millions of microscopic pores to help with quicker absorption, and repel odour and bacteria. Since it is significantly lighter and thinner than cotton pads, I barely even noticed it when I used it.

Organic Bamboo Pads

Say goodbye to painful period cramps with the Therma Therapy Patch ($13.9). Along the line of natural ingredients, these discreet adhesive patches are infused with natural Angelica and Motherwort herbs. Each patch supplies up to 60 degrees of warmth for up to eight hours — literal lifesaver for comfort on the go.

Therma Therapy Patch ($13.9)

Get that glow

Facial care is as important as period care. Normal bathroom towels are not the best for facial cleansing, for they tend to harbour bacteria and odours after going through a wet-dry cycle. Here comes the Biodegradable Eco Towel ($12.9) that is single-use, hygienic and deep cleans without harming the environment.

Similarly, for effortless makeup removal, reach for the Glow-Getter Cleansing Wipes ($10.9). Not only did it remove my full-face of makeup in one wipe, it also left my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Glow-Getter Cleansing Wipes ($10.9)

Treat your body and skin well with the best, dermatologically-tested products. At the same time, Refined’s unwavering commitment to use eco-friendly ingredients ensures that you are also treating the earth well.


*This article is written in collaboration with Refined, but all opinions are of my own

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