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Is Sofi’s Cafe Pizza closed?

Yes, but not really. The original Sofi’s Cafe Pizza has been rebranded to SOFI Cafe + Keto and has moved to Erskine Road.

But if you’d like to read our review on Sofi’s Cafe Pizza back in 2020, stay on.

Our honest review of Sofi’s Cafe Pizza

A Barista cafe? A pizzeria? An authentic Italian restaurant? Sofi’s Cafe Pizza is all three combined and a little bit more.

The establishment is also affiliated with Pasta Brava, renowned for its authentic Italian Cuisine, Sofi’s Cafe Pizza is a mash of brunch items and Italian cuisine at Tanjong Pagar.

Italian classics

homemade pasta, duck ragu pappardelle, Italian cuisine

With a hearty & rich flavour, the Homemade Duck Ragu Pappardelle ($26.5) stole our hearts. Slow-cooked for hours, the tanginess of the tomatoes is infused harmoniously with the deep roast of the duck meat.

Each strand of pasta is coated evenly with just enough sauce which emanates a homely feel with every bite, without it being too overwhelming (it did have quite an intense flavor).

carbonara, carbonara with bacon

We also went for the classic Carbonara Spaghetti with Smoked Bacon ($24). Personally, I thought it was very cheesy for me (definitely cheesier/creamier than the average carbonara), but my friend loved it.

Brunch and coffee

breakfast, brunch, omelette with toast, avocado toast

What’s so great about the menu here is that it’s composed of Sofi’s favorite food. Hence, branching out to all-day breakfast and brunch items, including waffles, brioche French toasts, homemade maple granola… We heard that their waffles were their top seller but we opted for their Avocado Toast ($9.5) and Fried Eggs on Brioche or Multigrain ($7).

Honestly, not a huge fan of their avocado toast. The avocado was smashed with egg whites, yuzu honey and cherry tomatoes, giving it a milder, sweeter suggestion. On the other hand, their omelet was rather well done. In addition, the dish offers the choice of poached, scrambled and fried, and sourdough, multigrain and brioche.

coffee at Tanjong Pagar, hot latte, coffee

Sofi’s Cafe source their blend from Allpress Espresso so it’s decent, but not that great if you’re more picky with coffee.

But, at $4.7 for a Cappuccino, it is really affordable compared to many cafes.

The ambience here was great. But when it comes to their brunch menu, there are tons of better alternatives such as Bearded Bella, Korio and Populus Coffee and Co.

Location: 10 Craig Rd, Singapore 089670
Tel: +65 6222 0879
Opening hours: 9:30am- 9:30pm

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