Oyster Soontofu at SBCD Tofu House, Korean food at Tanjong Pagar

Located at Tanjong Pagar, Alexandra Road and Raffles Place, SBCD Korean Tofu House is one of the prominent names in Singapore’s Korean Food Scene, famous for their hand-made soontofu (soft-tofu).

SBCD’s freshly-made tofu comes in 11 variations, including Pork and Oyster.

The Oyster Soontofu ($21.9) was loaded with tiny, but plump, oysters, on top of a portion of pork and vegetables. The dish was also complemented with prawns and mussels.

While the assorted seafood might seem like the star of the dish, it was none other than the soontofu that floats above a sea of red. “Soon’ in Soontofu translates to soft and that was what it was. Soft, silky; to sum up, it was a bite of pure bliss.

Not that there was anything for me to compare it to, but SBCD uses soybean from Paju, South Korea, supposedly for more a authentic flavour.

Meanwhile, the Kimchi Pork Soontofu ($21.9), had a tangier note to it, since it was kimchi-based.


It was my first Soontofu so there was nothing for me to compare it to but it was enjoyable, and quite a decent price for its portion and quality (especially for the oysters). My friend who’s a self-acclaimed soontofu veteran agreed that the tofu met her expectations, but the stew’s flavours could’ve been more complex.

Location: 7 Wallich St, #B1 – 01 / 02, Singapore 078884
Tel: +65 6386 6441
Opening hours:
Monday- Friday: 11:30am- 3pm; 5pm- 10pm
Saturday- Sunday: 11:30am- 10pm


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