If you’re a thrill seeker, you’re going to love this. Get ready to be shot 70 metres skywards on the newly-opened Slingshot, the tallest catapult ride in Asia.

Experience true weightlessness as you are catapulted into the sky, just like a stone being launched from a slingshot at 160km/h. With 360-degree turns and multiple drops, you’ll get an out-of-body experience like no other.  

Slingshot Singapore. Photo: Slingshot

Located in the heart of Clarke Quay, the Slingshot stands at a staggering 16 storeys high; designed to simulate a volcanic eruption, you will first be seated in a reclined position, which then tilts further, lowering them into the heart of the “volcano.” When you think you’ve reached the climax, the ride takes off with an intense force of up to 4G.

Scream your lungs out as you soar high above, if you dare to open your eyes, you’ll get a beautiful panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline. Be prepared to free-fall and jolt back up multiple times; but don’t worry, each bounce is less intense than the last.

Grab your friend and give this ride a shot!

There are only two seats on this ride, so pick your best daredevil friend and gear up for the ride. If you want to remember how unglam you looked on the ride and relive the experience back home, you can purchase a video of yourself during the ride for $20. If you came with a friend, then maybe this is the perfect opportunity to get some blackmail material (don’t quote us on this).

Ticket prices start at $45 for adults and $35 for students (18 years and below). If you’re looking for an adventurous date night or just something to shake up your typical nighttime routine, then give the Slingshot a shot! 

Slingshot Singapore

Location: 3E River Valley Road, Block E, Singapore 179024
Tel: ​​+65 9755 3310
Opening hours: 4:30-11:30pm

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