Taikoo Lane, eponymous of the neighbourhood in Hong Kong, showcases the best of Sichuan and Cantonese Cuisine in the form of hotpot.

The restaurant was extremely spacious and boasts a combination of shared pots and individual pots, which is probably a smarter choice considering the situation we’re in.

Affordable Hotpot in Singapore

We were already impressed by how affordable the broths were, with an option of Sichuan Spicy Soup, Collagen Pork Bone Soup Broth, Tomato Soup Broth (which is a Cantonese hotpot staple), Green Peppers Soup Broth and a few others.

We got the individual pot with two types of soup- the Sichuan Spicy Soup and Collagen Pork Bone- for S$3 each. I mean, you don’t get the most volume, but for 2 pax, the portions were just right.

The Sichuan Spicy Soup was your standard mala which was pretty good. Meanwhile, the latter didn’t have the creamy consistency and richness of a legitimate collagen broth; not that I had high expectations for $3 broths. The chicken collagen at Tsukada Nojo located next door was signficantly better though.

Taikoo Lane served pretty affordable set meals (roughly S$15) which included 1 protein, 1 staple, 1 broth and an assorted vegetables basket.

While we were tempted to get that, we had our Entertainer 1-for-1 for their meats and both promotions cannot be used concurrently, so we chose from the a la carte menu instead. 

The Australian Premier Beef Ribeye (S$9.9) arrived in a disappointing fashion. It was evidently frozen, the slices rigid when we picked it up. It also wasn’t as beefy as I thought it would be but it wasn’t a poor dish; just decent.

We also got the Spicy Marinated Beef (S$9.4) which was surprisingly really tender. The spices were also complex and robust, albeit mainly skewered towards chili powder, reminding me of northern China cuisine.

While the dishes weren’t exceptionally mind-blowing, it was a pretty affordable meal. But what I appreciated the most was the liberty to order half-portions, giving us the chance to get a larger variety of dishes.

Takeaway and Delivery

Taikoo Lane also offers takeaway and delivery which includes the option of Mystery Boxes starting from S$90.

Location: 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: +656970 0966
Opening hours: 11am- 9pm


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