Here’s an unconventional dinner spot for Chinese New Year (CNY).

Tap Singapore, known for their craft beers, has launched their CNY menu for 2023.

Three’s a crowd, but five…

If you’re dining in a small group, we recommend the CNY Fortune Set ($298) that is perfect for a group of five.

Start the feast with the classic lo hei. The Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone could’ve had a larger portion of abalone, but it was a decent plate. 

If you’re ordering a la carte instead, this costs $78, while the vegetarian version costs $48. 

Next came a sharing platter which comprised roasted pork, scallop dumpling, silver fish and yum woon sen, a glass noodle salad dish from Thailand.

The Thai glass noodle salad was salty, spicy and sour — so refreshing!

Diners are allowed to choose one dish from three choices for the next five courses. We sampled the following: Golden Tiger Prawn, Stir Fried Leek with Beancurd, Kung Pao Chicken, Braised Pork Leg, and Golden Egg Fried Rice.

Tamped down Asian cuisine

Out of the three, the Golden Tiger Prawns were our favourite. It was crunchy — from both the crust and the meat itself — and there was just enough sauce to thinly coat the exterior of each prawn.

If I were to describe their dishes in one simple line, it would be “white-people Asian food”. The same ingredients are used, but the flavours here are a lot mellower than what the dishes are traditionally supposed to taste like. For instance, the lack of a kick in the Kung Pao Chicken.

To each its own though. While I would’ve usually preferred more robust flavours, holding back on the seasoning here actually made the meal more palatable, especially since I’ve been overindulging in the past month.

Don’t forget to get a pint of their renowned craft beers while you’re here.

Both Tap Singapore outlets, 9 Penang Road and Robertson Quay, will be opened for CNY Day 1 and Day 2.

Tap Singapore

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*This article is written in partnership with Tap Singapore, but all opinions are of my own 

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