On The Sunset tea blending (citrus with honey) flat lay at Vintage 38, 24 hour vintage cafe at Jeonpo Cafe Street, Busan, South Korea

Most cafes and restaurants in South Korea opens after 10am, which can be inconvenient for early risers.

Located along Jeonpo Cafe Street in Busan, South Korea, Vintage 38 is a 24-hour cafe that serves an assortment of pastries, coffee and tea.

The cafe is clad in an industrial aesthetic, with vintage toys and decors on display. Lovers of the olden era will be delighted to find a large collection of vinyl records, old electronics and toys from their childhood.

The ambience is exceptional, especially when paired with their signature On The Sunset (7,000), a citrus tea that is sweetened with honey. It was full-bodied and rich from the honey, which curbed the sharp flavours of the fruits.

Vintage 38’s drinks menu also includes coffee that starts from ₩4,000, Green Tea Latte (₩5,500), Strawberry Latte (7,000) and Balona Choco Latte (6,500).

Choose from their selection of bakes that are lined up at the entrance. You’ll find financiers, madeleines, and caneles. Cakes and sandwiches are also available for those who want a more filling meal.

The Castelle (W5,500) was light, but was as dry as sand. Not even the cream in the centre could compensate for the lack of moisture in the cake.

Location: 38 Jeonpo-daero 199beon-gil
부산 부산진구 전포대로199번길 38
Opening hours: 24 hours


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