Beheegle Bagle store front

Located along the famed Jeonpo Cafe Street in Busan, South Korea, Beheegle Bagel specialises in coffee and bagels.

Beheegle Bagle store front

I was instantly drawn in by the aesthetics: the bright red against a gentle cream background, the basket of bagels at the store front, and the small collection of vintage trinkets displayed around their store.

Starting from ₩2,500, their ensemble of bagels comprises of Plain, Salt, Sesame, Everything Seasoning; the usual. Meanwhile, the more interesting ones are Blueberry, Squid Ink Cheese, Cheese Jalepeno and Oatmeal.

Pair them with their house made spread, including Chives, Bacon Jalepeno, Maple Walnut and Oreo.

Diners who are looking for a fuss-free bagel meal can order combos directly off their menu. 

Each bagel comes with a glass of iced water and their brand’s sticker

For classics, opt for the Ham Cheese Sandwich (₩6,000) and Smoked Salmon Sandwich (₩7,900). Meanwhile, those who are looking for ‘Korean’ flavours can try their Honey Sesame Sandwich (₩6,000) and Bulgogi Cheese Sandwich (₩7,300).

The bagels had a nice chew and were generously filled (there were a lot more beef than what is shown in the photo). The bulgogi beef wasn’t too heavily marinated, so it was rather palatable to eat for breakfast, especially with the bunch of fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

Location: 35 Seojeon-ro, 38 beon-gil
부산 부산진구 서전로38번길 35 1층 베희글
Opening hours: 9am-7pm


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