Cosy main dining area at Well Collective, cafe at Punggol

Where’s a better spot to get away from the buzzing city, than the extreme ends of Singapore in Punggol.

Well Collective is a pet-friendly and wellness centric space, with a cafe concept in the day and pop-up dinner menus in the evening.

Main dining area

The menu is rotational, and this is what we tried during their soft launch.


The dishes fuse Japanese flavours and French cooking techniques. The flavours of the Mid Wings with Yuzu Chilli Sauce were surprisingly light. Not too tangy, not too spicy, just piquant enough to excite your appetite.

In the same vein, the Pitan Tofu, a Japanese-style century egg tofu, only had traces of the distinct pungent undertones of the century egg. It was palatable, and appropriate as an appetiser. This is perfect for those who are attempting century eggs for the first time, especially if they’re intimidated by its ‘strong’ taste.

Pitan Tofu, topped with garlic chips and caviar, and served with shredded century eggs on the side

What was most impressive about this dish was the textural contrast — the creamiest pitan tofu we’ve had, the refreshing pops of caviar, the crispy fried garlic chips, and the jelly-like century eggs.


Striving to be a safe and inclusive space, Well Collective ensures that their menu comprises gluten-free and vegan options.

The No Chicken Katsu Sando replaces chicken with seitan, a high-protein meat substitute made of gluten. If I wasn’t informed beforehand, I would have believed it was a big chicken nugget.

No Chicken Katsu Sando (vegan)

However, the legitimacy of the faux meat was not as impressive as the overall flavour. A light tang from the sourdough complemented the pickled radish and sun-dried tomato spread. Meanwhile, fried kale provided grassy and umami flavours. This was the vegan option. The vegetarian option includes yuzu kosho mayonnaise.

As mentioned earlier, the flavours in Well Collective dishes were light, despite using robust ingredients like yuzu and miso. The Barramundi with Yuzu Miso Sauce were nicely layered. The fish’s innately earthy undertones and the charred cauliflowers formed the base. Meanwhile, the yuzu miso sauce, with the consistency of mashed potatoes, contained only the essence of its star ingredients. Instead of instantly detecting the savoury notes of miso, or the tartness of yuzu, I found the sauce light and flavourful. At the top, shredded fresh apples and yellow onions lifted the dish.


If you think you’ve had the best french toast before, think again.

Well Collective’s Creme Brûlée French Toast was light and fluffy, and slightly-eggy. Its surface was caramelised with sugar, and topped with a light custard, mimicking the elements of a creme brûlée. The torched sugar surface was executed perfectly, from the right thickness and crisp to the level of sweetness and amount of char. My experience was enhanced with every bite, as the flavours of the burnt sugar develops in my mouth.

Creme Brulee French Toast, served with mixed berries

Other dessert choices were categorised under Artisan Bakes-Of-The-Day, including Sakura Cheesecake, Passionfruit Meringue Tart, Strawberry Chiffon Cake, and Matcha Basque Burnt Cheese Cake.

A wellness space for diverse communities

Well Collective is designed to be a multi-purpose, inclusive and safe space for all customers. Aside from the main dining area, the wellness space offers an alfresco dining area for pawrents and their pets, and an isolated working area.

“Wellness comes from around us; the type of food to fuel and nourish the body, the right headspace to fill healthy thoughts with, a comfortable environment to recharge and reconnect. Holistic wellness is the balance of mind, body and soul and this is what Well Collective is about.”

Cassandra Riene Tan, founder of Well Collective.

Well Collective

Location: Northshore Plaza II (#02-11/12), 418 Northshore Dr, Singapore 820418
Tel: +65 6979 6442
Opening hours: 10am-10pm

*This article is written in collaboration with Well Collective, but all opinions are of my own

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