Red Velvet Latte with 6 stacks tulips latte art

A Beautiful Day has relocated to PLQ Residences at Paya Lebar and has revamped themselves as A Beautiful Day Cafe Tearoom.

Floral, pink and tropical. A Beautiful Day is what it would look like if cafes had multiple personality disorder. Located on the outskirts of Changi City Point, this Instagrammable cafe is not just for show, with an array of Asian-inspired dishes at an affordable price.

The floral arc at the cafe’s entrance was a portal. On the right laid a whimsical pink corner decked with flowers and furniture in the same hue. Meanwhile, the left bore a more casual ambience, with bamboo chairs and fauna. Its tropical vibes was straight out of Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise.

As inviting as the pink corner was, it was reserved for photos only and was not meant for dining,

Pink on pink!

We ordered the Signature Red Velvet Latte ($7) which was essentially a lighter, sweet mocha.

If you don’t already know, red velvet cake originated from the Victorian Era as a luxurious cake. Velvet describes the fluffy texture of the aforementioned cake, which is derived from adding cocoa powder.

To dine like royalty, order from their fine selection of Gifel Tea. The Melon Oolong Tea ($7.9) was perfumed with melon, but the taste itself was inviolate of said fruit; just lightly infused with a generic sweetness.

It’s not the best fruit-infused tea I’ve had, but I’ll let it slide for the exquisite tea set. It was an experience.

Affordable cafe food in the East

Their mains are priced around $12.

The Peri Peri Chicken Don ($10.9) featured A Beautiful Day’s signature Peri Peri Sauce which was tangy, robust and infused with fresh herbs. I couldn’t help but ask for extra sauce, which is complimentary.

Despite wearing the same colour, the sharpness of the sauce was juxtaposed against the jammy yolk of the sous vide egg. Meanwhile, a smoky aroma from the chargrilled chicken lingered in the backdrop.

Next, the Chili Crab Pasta ($12.9) was tossed in a sweet and spicy chili crab sauce. While the pasta was well-coated and cooked to al-dente, there was barely any crab meat.

Location: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-70/71, Singapore 486038
Tel: +65 9855 2826
Opening hours:
11am- 11pm


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