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Trying to cover up your acne and clogged pores with makeup, but it’s only making things worse? Unfortunately, this process is a vicious cycle. If your skin is not well taken care of, no amount of makeup is effective if your skin isn’t a smooth canvas to work on.

On top of that, the daily usage of masks continues to aggravate your skin condition with maskne. Perhaps you’re feeling lost and pessimistic, in desperation to find a solution to curb your acne.

It is essential to find a trusted facial spa and suitable type of treatment to solve your skin problems. My Cozy Room, a long-standing and award-winning facial spa might just be the solution to your skin woes!

Renowned for the ‘Best Extraction Facial’ in Singapore — minimal pain and redness during extraction — you can be rest assured in leaving your face to these skin professionals. If you are having a dilemma on which facial to try to get rid of acne, here’s a quick guide for you.

Treatment for acne and clogged pores

If you have tried My Cozy Room’s award-winning Premium Pore Extraction Facial, their latest Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial is an upgraded version that pampers your skin with a more holistic experience.

The signature step features a Pore Refine Mask that is applied during the extraction process. It softens any blackheads and whiteheads for an easier and more painless extraction. After cooling your face and minimising any redness with Coolight and Collagen Gel, the facial is then complete with a premium Alginate Mask for intense nourishment and rejuvenation.

Facial for serious acne and acne scars

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LED treatment with four different modes

The Premium Anti-Acne Facial is perfect to target stubborn acne and acne scars that wouldn’t go away.

The main highlight of this facial is the LED treatment which is effective in reducing any redness and inflammation of acne by exposing your skin to different LED lights — in particular, the blue LED light. Compared to general laser and aesthetics treatment, this facial is painless and risk-free while being effective in getting rid of inflammation-causing bacteria.

Best remedy for maskne

Cyro (electroporation technology)
Cyro (electroporation technology)

Even with a reduced use of masks nowadays, maskne still haunts many of us. Treat your face to an Ultimate Maskne Freeze Facial and freeze your maskne away with a cryotherapy treatment.

Electroporation (-10°C) purifies your pores and increases the absorption of skincare products into your skin. Lighten your maskne scars with BABOR Cellulose Balancing Mask with ten minutes of Cyrotherapy massage (-7°C). Your treatment is then complete with an ultra cooling mask infused with peppermint to calm any inflammation and redness.

These bespoke facials are suitable for acne with sensitive skin as they are free from harsh drying chemicals, paraben and alcohol. As such, even those with desensitised skin from using drying acne products or laser treatments can also benefit from the treatments to soothe redness and calm skin.

Effective skincare products for acne-prone skin — BeKind

Skincare products from BeKind, launched by My Cozy Room
Skincare products from BeKind, launched by My Cozy Room

Skincare products and facials work hand in hand.

You can’t expect a miracle to happen from solely one session. That’s how My Cozy Room provide an all-in-one solution to your skin woes — by using BeKind skincare, which is specially curated for their customers to suit local skin condition, especially in a humid environment in Singapore.

Their products are also effective against maskne, acne, clogged pores, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

Which BeKind products to use?

Best moisturiser for acne, oily combination skin:

  • BeKind Hydro Balance Cream

Best acne spot treatment:

  • BeKind Microsilver Acne treatment (award-winning)

Best for desensitised/peeling skin caused by harsh acne treatments:

  • BeKind SOS repair serum

Best serum to quench dehydrated /sensitive acne skin:

  • BeKind Hylauron repair serum

Best potent serum for acne/sensitive skin:

  • BeKind microsilver elixir

Best treatment product for enlarged pores:

  • BeKind glass skin

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