As clean as the air in Singapore might seem — the hard truth is — we live in a city after all. Even when we think we’re in the safe refuge of our homes or offices, indoor air can actually be as dirty as the outdoors, which could be the cause of your allergies, skin issues, and other health problems associated with air pollutants.

Sadly, you do have to pay for clean air. However, as we acknowledge that not everyone is ready to splurge hundreds on what seems like a basic commodity, we’ve filtered out six affordable air purifiers in Singapore that gets the job done.

Affordable air purifiers in Singapore

1. novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier A5

affordable air purifiers in singapore
Photo: novita

The novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier A5 stands out as the best affordable air purifier in Singapore, priced at an attractive $228. 

Breathe well and safe with this cost-effective yet well-rounded air purifier designed to maintain impeccable indoor air quality. Featuring the H13 Hepa PuriPRO® filtration system and a semi-permanent built-in ioniser emitting over 20 Million/ cm3 of negative ions, the A5 ensures a formidable defence, keeping 99.97% of airborne allergens and germs at bay. Driven by a DC Brushless Motor System, it boasts impressive ratings, including a US AHAM Smoke CADR of 272.6 m3/hr and a China Standard GB/T18801/2015 CADR Particulate rating of 337 m3/hr. With a high air flow rate of 400 m3/hr and coverage area up to 861 ft2, this air purifier is not only budget-friendly but also excels in performance. 

Loaded with practical functions such as a PM2.5 sensor and display, as well as a smart auto mode, the novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier A5 effortlessly optimises indoor air quality. A must-have for those seeking an affordable yet high-quality solution for a healthier living space.

novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier A5

2. Apure Apex Air Purifier

Apure Air Purifier
Photo: Apure

At an incredibly accessible price point of $299, the Apure Apex air purifier makes it a budget-friendly option for a wide range of consumers. The cutting-edge 3-in-1 air filtration technology is engineered to remove 99.97% of airborne particles, from PM2.5 to microscopic 0.3 microns in size to ensure optimal air quality for all.

The washable filter, designed for durability and constant heat dissipation, effectively captures larger particles such as pet hair and pollen. The activated charcoal filter, with an aerodynamic honeycomb structure, targets odour, including PM2.5 dust particles and second-hand smoke. The innermost layer boasts a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter, encased in a microorganism-resistant frame, trapping particles like mold spores and bacteria.

Pet-friendly features also make it ideal for homes with animals, neutralising pet odour effectively. The compact size, measuring 32.5 x 17.2 x 51cm, ensures versatility in placement within any home. The Apure Apex also integrates seamlessly with voice command systems, allowing users to control the air purifier effortlessly.

Apure Apex Air Purifier

3. Mistral Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Mistral Air Purifier review with free essential oils blend
Photo: Mistral

Mistral Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, priced at $128 (U.P. $228), combines sleek, compact design with advanced features. The sensor touch buttons, LED display, and filter lifespan tracker offer convenient control. With auto, turbo, and sleep modes, it adapts to household’s diverse needs. Furthermore, you are able to monitor the air quality with their four-coloured light indicator feature, from blue that indicates excellence quality air to red as it opposites. With the price you can also receive Mistral x Hyuuga Essential Oil Blend (10ml), valued at $69.

Mistral Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

4. EuropAce 2-in-1 Air Purifier with Ioniser – EPU 1110B

EuropAce 2-in-1 Air Purifier with Ionizer review Singapore
Photo: EuropAce

Prepare to be blown away with the EuropAce 2-in-1 Air Purifier with Ioniser, affordably priced at $179.9 (U.P $299). This product surely catches our attention with its impressive features and futuristic look, highlighted by the Rotating Ball. Not only for the aesthetic, the Rotating Ball facilitates mode switching, offering three modes: Auto, High, and Sleep. From built-in ioniser that eliminates airborne contaminants to smart wifi app connection, this air purifier seamlessly blends modern technology with functionality. Plus, it has a filter change reminder that makes maintenance more convenient for users.

EuropAce 2-in-1 Air Purifier with Ionizer – EPU 1110B

5. Sharp Mosquito Catcher Purifier

Sharp Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier review
Photo: Sharp

The Sharp Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier, with a price starting from $315, is the epitome of functionality, offering dual protection with its mosquito-catching feature. This function is ideal to protect you and your family from mosquito especially during the rainy season. Moreover, its Plasmacluster technology effectively suppresses mould, viruses, allergens, and odours, ensuring comprehensive purification for your home. Additionally, the purifier includes a timer function for added convenience, enhancing its overall functionality for you.

Sharp Mosquito Catcher Purifier

6. IKEA FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier

Cheapest air purifier in Singapore from IKEA
Photo: IKEA

Discover affordability and functionality with the IKEA FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier, the budget-friendly solution at only $99 from your friendly neighborhood furniture store. This air purifier features a particle filter and an optional gas filter, effectively cleansing the air from odours, pollen, pollutants, and more. Versatile placement options allow you to hang it on the wall or on the floor with convenient handle ensures effortless mobility, allowing you to move it between different rooms. Cleaning is a breeze with LED light indicator as a reminder to check on the filter and the pull-tag on the right side that’s easy to loosen the pre-filter for cleaning.


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