Wurst Rosti - potato rosti, cheese frank, sunny side up, bacon fennel jame, tomato chutney

Apollo Coffee Bar, an all-day brunch cafe at Serangoon Gardens, has made a name in the local cafe scene.

The menu comprises of the usual French toasts, avocado toasts, yogurt bowls, but with a slight twist. For example, the Honey ‘Prench’ Toast ($19.8) features tea-poached pears and pear coulis while the Nori, Avocado & Eggs ($20.9) accentuates the grassy notes of the ‘butter fruit’ using a specially-made nori jam.

The safer options include the Wurst Rosti ($24.9). It is a basic compilation of breakfast elements- potato rosti, cheese frank and sunny side up. To break the normalcy of a simple plate of breakfast, Apollo Coffee Bar paired it with a bacon fennel jam and charred tomato chutney. They were smoky, savoury and herby, and took the dish up a notch.

However, as unique as the jam and chutney were, it did not compensate for the overcooked and dry rosti. Sunny-side-ups and a sausage do not justify its price either.

The Lemon Curd & Hotcakes ($15.5) tasted great, but was disappointing in every aspect as soon as you factor in the price.

To give credits where its due, the hotcakes were cooked as it should be- slightly denser than pancakes. But, aside from it being served in a cafe, there was nothing in this dish that justified its price. The blueberries were mild, the lemon curd was flat and the butter and maple syrup were just butter and maple syrup.

Signature cold brews from Atlas

The silver lining is their signature Cold Brews ($7.5).

The Cosmos was a smooth traditional cold brew like the ones from Bootstrap Coffee. It was devoid of prominent tasting notes that Glyph and Old Hen Coffee pride themselves

Meanwhile, their Milky Way had emphatic punches of nutty undertones with a velvety texture. Initially, I was convinced that Giffard syrup was used. It is a premium Italian syrup, also used by Flash Coffee, that imparts a rather authentic flavour on top of adding sweetness. But, it is actually just the innate flavours of the blend roasted by Two Degrees North Co.


While we didn’t have a splendid experience at Apollo Coffee Bar, I firmly believe it’s just the items that we ordered. We’ll be back to try their other dishes.

Location: 65 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555961
Tel: +65 6246 3875
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Sat: 9am- 10pm
Sunday: 9am- 7pm


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