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B For Bagel? Thanks for teaching me how to spell, I guess…

Hailing from South Korea, B For Bagel is the latest addition to Singapore’s bagel scene. The outlet located in Tanglin Mall is their second outlet in Singapore; the first one is located in Gangnam, Seoul.

They have recently launched the viral Korean Cracking Lattes — the first cafe in Singapore to do this — from $7.9 per cup.

Our honest review of B For Bagel

Korean Cracking Lattes in Singapore

Korean Cracking Lattes in Singapore - Matcha and Dirty Matcha Cracking Lattes
Dirty Matcha (left) and Matcha (right) Cracking Lattes at B For Bagel

B For Bagel is the first cafe in Singapore to launch the viral Korean Cracking Lattes — available in Coffee ($7.9), Matcha ($7.9), Dirty Matcha ($8.9) and Chocolate ($7.9).

Not sure what we’re talking about?

Essentially, the cup is first coated in tempered chocolate, which hardens up into a crispy shell quickly. Then, a drink of your choice is poured into the chocolate-coated cup. To enjoy, simply squeeze the plastic cup to break the chocolate shells — that’s where the name “cracking lattes” come from — and there you have it.

Just a gimmick or actually tasty?

Chocolate Cracking Latte in Singapore at B For Bagel cafe
Chocolate Cracking Latte after the crack

So… do the cracking lattes in Singapore actually taste good or is it just a marketing gimmick? I mean… do the chocolate shells really do anything to enhance the flavour?

We’ve tried all four drinks, and honestly, it does! You get a bit of sweetness and richness from the chocolate, which melts really slowly in the iced drink. But whether or not it’s “good” would really depend on whether you have a sweet tooth. For instance, my colleague enjoys their drinks less sweet, but I don’t like adding any sugar in my coffee or matcha.

Korean-inspired bagels

B For Bagel’s menu comprises a good mix of savoury and sweet bagels.

B for Bagel menu
B For Bagel menu

Nothing screams Korean bagels like the Bulgogi Bagel ($16.9) does — packed with generous portion of sweet and savoury, juicy bulgogi beef.

This was so satisfying, though a little more vegetables would’ve made the bagel taste more balanced.

Bulgogi Beef Bagel B For Bagel Singapore Review

Meanwhile, for a classic, try their Smoked Salmon Bagel ($16.9).

It’s so generously loaded with ingredients that it was a struggle to take a bite without all the ingredients falling out. Meanwhile, in terms of the flavours, there’s nothing much to comment on. You can’t really go wrong with this combination anyway.

Smoked Salmon Bagel B For Bagel Singapore
Smoked Salmon Bagel

If a simple bagel with cream cheese tickles your fancy, they also have a diverse range of bagel flavours to choose from.

Apart from the usual plain, sesame or cheese bagels, think Garlic Butter Cheese, Spinach Cheese, Jalapeño Cheese, and sweet options like Fig, Cinnamon Orange or Soboro (cookie crumble). Bagels start from $4.3

Their wide range of cream cheeses, starting from $3.9 also ensures that you will find something good to pair with your bagel of choice, sweet or savoury. Sweet options include Strawberry, Blueberry and Maple, while savoury options are Herb Mix and Spring Onion.

Plain Bagel with Spring Onion Cream Cheese
Plain Bagel with Spring Onion Cream Cheese

The old menu at B For Bagel

No longer on the menu, the Peach Cloud consists of sweet canned peaches and fresh cream sandwiched between a plain bagel. 

The whipped cream was light and fluffy, while the juicy peaches brought everything together very nicely. Their bagels take on a soft and chewy texture, slightly different from the denser New York bagels that we are familiar with. 

Peach Cloud Bagel at B For Bagel
Peach Cloud

As an alternative, you can order the Fresh MilkCloud ($9.3) instead, which is the

Another combination we tried was the Fig Ham and Cheese Bagel ($12.4). It comprises ham, fresh figs, arugula, thinly-sliced apples, and cheese sauce. Though it sounds like a random combination, the flavours of the bagel came together seamlessly! 

Fig Ham and Cheese Bagel at B for Bagel
Fig Ham and Cheese Bagel

Market Blue — Mini Korea in Singapore

Located right beside B for Bagel is Market Blue, an all-in-one Korean Market for fresh produce and condiments, household products, and apparels.

Market Blue Singapore Tanglin Mall

Look forward to browsing over 30 types of ramyeon, or simply enjoy authentic Korean food at their canteen.

Aside from food, there are also lifestyle products such as clothing apparels from BALANSA, and kitchenware from Turtle Sink

B For Bagel review

Location: 163 Tanglin Rd, B1-125,126, Singapore 247933
Opening hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

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