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One of Melbourne’s famous coffee roaster has landed in our city, and much word have been going around about it too!

Netizens know them for their edible coffee cup, but Puzzle Coffee prides themselves as a socially responsible third wave coffee store.

Other than their edible coffee cup…

Located at ION Orchard, the cafe’s signature coffee — Magic ($6) — is a double ristretto topped with milk. A ristretto is extracted with half the amount of water that’s typically used for a latte. Hence, you can expect a heavy-bodied coffee with a strong kick of caffeine. Think of it as a latte, but stronger.

Of course, not forgetting the Edible Cup, which is made from oats and grains. Diners can top up $3 for it. Although it was primarily “for the gram” and the edible cup was dry, it did its job of holding the contents of the coffee well without being soggy or falling apart. Puzzle Coffee’s main intention for this is to reduce waste anyway.

For a bite to go with the coffee, we recommend the Kaya Croissant ($5). The croissant had a buttery fragrance, But it was a little bready and I had only wished for it to be more crispy or flaky. The silver lining is that the staff warmed it before serving. The kaya was also fragrant and not too sweet, which I enjoyed.

The other pastries on display are from Bakery Artisan Original, co-founded by Gwen Lim, the executive chef of Patisserie G.

Puzzle Coffee

Location: 2 Orchard Turn, B1-38/39 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: 10am-7pm

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