Mushroom Melt grilled cheese at Chu & Co

Bakehouse in the day, gelato bar at night, Chu & Co is one of the best cafes near Serangoon Gardens.

What to eat at Chu And Co?

If Chu & Co’s sourdough loaves and my significant other were to fall into the sea, I’d save the bread. Crispy, tangy, the god of all sourdoughs, their breakfast sandwiches comes in many different forms.

The Mushroom Melt ($13) was exactly what the name promised — a strong earthy flavour, with a load of melty cheese.

However, just like Korio’s famed Grilled Cheese, it was too decadent to finish by yourself.

Meanwhile, the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($15) had a generous serving of tender, flavourful meat. The tartness from the pickled vegetables also gave the sandwich more balance, as compared to the mushroom grilled cheese that some might find too cheesy towards the end.

Other variations include Pulled Lamb ($15) paired with mint mayo, Bacon & Brie ($15) topped with browned apples and more.

Whole loaves are also on the shelves, such as Garlic Confit, Thyme and Cheddar Sourdough ($11), Sourdough Brioche and Rosemary Balsamico Foccacia ($8).

Aside from sandwiches, Chu & Co are also famous for their danishes and pastries. Popular options include Lemon Lavender Danish ($5.5) and Kopi Bomb (6 for $4)

Aeropress coffee from The Community

Local roaster, The Community, has also set up shop in Chu & Co.

Currently, they have three single origins to choose from. The Mahembe #3 promises sweet acidity, enhanced by cherries, plums and apples. Meanwhile, the Sitio Vargem Grande #5 is a unique interpretation of Brazilian coffee, with a syrupy mouthfeel and sweet genmaicha aftertaste.

All three were light roasts, which was my least preferred type of coffee due to its inclination to be more acidic than medium or dark roasts. However, the barista recommended the La Granadilla despite its profile promising “crisp acidity”.

However, instead of a ‘sour’ cup I was expecting, he produced a tea-like brew, with a mellow sweetness in the backdrop.

What made the brew perfect wasn’t the quality of the coffee, or the precision of the extraction. Instead, it was the care that the barista took while preparing my aeropress-brewed coffee. Before ordering, we had a short conversation for him to better understand my preference in coffee. He tweaked the grind size and other factors to lower the acidity of my cup. 

‘Picnic in a backyard’ vibes

Chu & Co isn’t like your typical minimalist cafe. Immaculate white walls, Instagrammable, air-conditioned (the most important aspect) — the type of place you’d invite your friends out for brunch, or to slave away in front of your laptop, with a cup of joe on the side.

Instead, Chu & Co, embodies a rustic backyard aesthetics. The only two ‘indoor’ seats are located opposite the counter, while the others are located outside the cafe. While it wasn’t what I was used to, dining under a tarp, while laying back on camping chairs, was a good change of pace. Picnic mats are also available for diners when the cafe gets to crowded.

Location: 15 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556835
Tel: +65 8874 7615
Opening hours: 8:30am-4pm (Wed-Sun)


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