You may or may not be familiar with the frog cakes, also referred to as forg cake. The intentional spelling error is symmetrical to the whimsical cream-sculpted frog. You might have seen the ones inspired by Oracle Bakery, or the meme versions that look like it was baked by a child, though I do find those kinda cute.

Regardless of which aesthetic you’re going for, here’s a list of cream frogs you can kiss without having to worry about turning into one.

1. Angst bakes

Angst Bakes just might be the connoisseur at designing frog cakes with at least 10 of them displayed on their Instagram page. This is my favourite, with the words ‘I won’t froget you’. But I was also pleased to see an uncanny replicate of the meme forg cake in pink

Price: $40


These minimalistic Korean bento cakes start from S$20 for standard designs and while those do look absolutely adorable, I would go for their more detailed designs instead. Maybe I’m biased after spotting a Studio Ghibli cake, but judging from their Instagram page, it did give me the impression that it’s one of the more exquisitely designed ones. They’ve also done accurate portrayals of characters from the anime Demon Slayer and the international acclaimed artwork by Hokusai- The Great Wave.

Price: $40

3. Bento Cake Burglar

This other bento cake store designs customised cakes from S$27.9 but you can top up S$6 for small character designs and more colours. Do note that it’s the most affordable option on the list. You can choose from the following flavours: Classic Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, Mango Passionfruit, Salted Caramel Chocolate and Cookies ‘n’ Cream.

Price: $33.9

4. Dee Bakes

Dee Bakes is featured on numerous publications and one look at their Instagram page would explain why. Mouthwatering cookies, brownies and a plethora of bake sales in collaborations with other home bakers to bring you the finest curation. And all this is aside from their customised cakes, of which includes the very star of this article, frog cakes.

Price: $75

5. Simplybakez

While Simply Bakez cakes are designed in the Korean minimalism aesthetics, they’re not delivered in bentos. Nonetheless, cake is cake. And this cake can come with a pair (or more) of adorable frogs atop. Flavours include Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Biscoff, Cookies & Cream and Nutella, and a separate list of fresh fruits. 

Price: $70

Of course, there are other customised cake shops that can design the frog cake of your dreams. But here are just a handful of those that we’ve seen and loved.

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