One of the newest cafes in the bustling East Coast cafe scene along with Neptune, La Fez is a Moroccan-style brunch cafe that is tinted in a dreamy pink. To add to the ambience, the pink cafe is decorated with palm trees and whimsically designed lamps, and most importantly, the horseshoe arch embedded in their facade, the emblematic design of Moorish architecture.

Moroccan cuisine

Middle-eastern spices can be found in most of their dishes which includes Majorelle Shakshuka with Feta Cheese (S$19.9) and Aamir Lamb Tagine (S$28.9). For sweets, get the Kasbah Brioche French Toast (S$18.9) and La Sultana Pandan Pancakes.

Very tempting, but we were there for our post-lunch dessert, which was why we settled for the Fig Tarte (S$9.9) and Caramelized Banana Cake (S$10.9).

Needless to say, the fig desserts aren’t the most common desserts you’d find. In fact, it’s probably the only one I’ve seen in Singapore. The tart was a tad less airy than I preferred it to be, but it was at least still crunchy enough. Also, the tart base was a little thick, but the lightness of the fresh figs, figs jam and chantilly cream allowed for more room for extra richness from the almond tart.

It was a refreshing flavour and very satisfying.

The Caramelized Banana Cake, as commonplace a flavour as it is, didn’t lose out either. Despite the decadent ingredients used such as caramel and chocolate, the dome-shaped dessert remained light and palatable from start to finish.

While Morocco doesn’t have a deep-rooted coffee culture like most Middle Eastern countries do, such as the Turkish Sand Coffee, you can still get a taste of a different cuisine through their Nous Nous (S$3.9). Essentially a half milk and half espresso.

Location: 01-03A 907 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459107
Tel: +65 8322 5939
Opening hours:

Monday: Closed
Tue- Thur: 11:30am- 9pm
Friday: 11:30am- 10pm
Saturday: 9am- 10pm
Sunday: 9am- 9pm


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