Louisa Coffee, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain, opens its doors in Singapore, with its first outlet at the new Guoco Midtown office building in Bugis.

Photo: Louisa Coffee

At first glance, what sets it apart from other large coffee chains in Singapore like Kenangan Coffee and luckin coffee, is the presence of a coffee roaster in the cafe.

Coffee connoiseurs who wants to enjoy coffee in its purest form can try Louisa Coffee’s signature Taiwan Geisha ($11.6) drip coffee, brewed with their Beyond Single Origin. It features Ethiopian-origin Geisha varietal cultivated in diverse terroirs, including Taiwan, Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, and Salvador.

Photo: Louisa Coffee Singapore / Instagram

Notably, the Geisha varietal stands out for its pure taste, devoid of any undesirable notes, and in the case of their Taiwan Geisha drip coffee, you can expect a clean, light cup with vibrant notes of caramel, nuts, and tropical fruit like pineapple.

Meanwhile, adventurous foodies can explore drinks like the Black Coffee Latte ($6.9), Coffee Mojito ($6.9), and Coconut Latte ($6.9).

Black Coffee Latte ($6.9), Coffee Mojito ($6.9), and Coconut Latte ($6.9). Photo: Louisa Coffee

Louisa Coffee brings a touch of warm Taiwanese hospitality, coupled with fresh and wholesome baked goods.

Louisa Coffee’s menu include freshly baked focaccia, Danish toast, bagels, and delightful treats such as the Boston Cream Pie.

Louisa Coffee

Location: 130 Beach Road, Guoco Midtown, #01-13 & 14, Singapore 189774
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 8am-9pm
Friday: 8-12am
Saturday: 9:30-12am
Sunday: 9:30am-9pm

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