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True Cost, located at the rooftop of Suntec City, provides the opportunity for fine dining without burning a hole in your wallet.

Its name is derived from its brand ethos— to serve food at a reasonable price; one that isn’t marked up, and is closer to the true cost of the ingredients and labour. On the menu, diners can find the cost of each dish a typical restaurant would serve, some are at least double the price of what True Cost is charging.

Their signature dish, Octopus with Potato Mousse ($19.85), arrived beautifully plated. Our knives sank effortlessly into the tentacles. The meat was soft, but retained just enough chew. Meanwhile, the potato mousse was fluffy and properly seasoned with the basic salt and pepper.

The Grouper with Cherry Tomatoes ($21.55) is also another popular choice.

Burrata enthusiasts might be disappointed with their Burrata with Dried Grapes ($10.95). While creamy, it wasn’t enough for the interior to seep out when we sliced it open. That being said, its quality, paired with the dried grapes and sauce, was reasonable for its price.

The cheapest burrata you can get on the market is around $9 in supermarkets.

The Crab Lumaconi ($12.75), had a decent portion of crab mixed in a tangy and briny tomato sauce. However, the pasta was a tad undercooked.

Revolutionary pricing concept

While True Cost charges a lower price, there is an entrance fee to pay:

  • Mon-Fri lunch: $5
  • Mon-Thu dinner: $10
  • Friday dinner: $15
  • Saturday: $15
  • Sunday: $10

Their dinner menu has a wider variety of food, including raw appetisers such as Ponzu Salmon Tataki ($9.55), and Japanese Oysters ($14.95 for 6). In addition, there are also hot appetisers available, such as Bone Marrow ($14.25) and Flatbread with Ox Tail ($8.8).

Diners will also be delighted to learn about their wide variety of reds and whites at the bar, and cocktails such as Old Fashioned ($8.85) and New York Sour ($8.75).


Is True Cost really as worth it as it sounds?

To put it simply, the dishes were decent for their ‘True Cost’ prices. It’s not a standard that I would pay more for, especially not with an entrance fee. That being said, I would be back again, but it would be solely for the ambience.

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, #03-302/303 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 8894 0615
Opening hours: 12-11pm


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