Twenty Eight Cafe has been my refuge whenever I desperately need a spot for a day of productive work. It’s a work-friendly cafe located a stone’s throw away from Bencoolen MRT Station that has free wifi, an abundance of electrical sockets and large tables for a comfortable working space. The spaciousness and natural sunlight is also a bonus but the best part is, you don’t worry about getting chased out.

Twenty Eight Cafe, work-friendly cafes at Bencoolen, Dhoby Gauht

So this review is kind of a compilation of the food I’ve had over the past four years (not sure why I was never compelled to write one till now) but I’ll try to keep it relevant to their most updated menu.

Their menu sticks closer to mainstream cafe dishes, with a handful of intriguing options such as the Indian Churros (S$6), and Asian-inspired Rice Bowls at S$15.

The Cold Truffle Pasta (S$20) was also a popular option a couple years back before the sudden surge of truffle dishes. Its was pretty damn good, lightly coated with oil for a more palatable experience, yet, potent of its innate earthy, funky aroma.

But, in general, their mains are a little saltier than I would prefer. Take the Steak & Eggs (S$22) for example. The rib-eye was tender, the egg was perfectly poached. The only issue was the excessive amount of salt on the protein.

Same goes for the Creamy Carbonara (S$16).


The Berrilicious (S$16) was served with a tart berries compote, honey yogurt for extra richness and walnuts to weigh down all that sweetness. The soufflé pancakes themselves were not bad, albeit a little pricey compared to other options such as Fluff Stack.


Unfortunately, the coffee served here wasn’t my cup of t-, I mean, coffee. It wasn’t bad, but it was your average Joe. Nothing much to scream about, but decent enough as a source of caffeine.

Instead, I would recommend the Earl Grey & Strawberry Cold Brew Tea (S$6), gently extracted to rid the drink of astringency, and later lightly sweetened with a touch of fruitiness.


While the food was decent, it wasn’t a compelling enough factor to drag me back. It’s really the work-friendliness coupled with the soothing ambience from the minimalistic design that compels me to keep coming back.

Location: 28 Wilkie Rd, #01-06, Singapore 228051
Tel: +65 9628 2829
Opening hours: 7:30am- 5:30pm


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