Matcha with Rice Balls and Red Beans Pancakes at Belleville Pancakes

Pancakes versus waffles? If you’re on #TeamWaffles, you’re going to feel conflicted after a visit to Belleville Pancakes.

Known as one of the best pancakes in Singapore, Belleville Pancakes originated from Osaka, Japan. It’s flagship store in Singapore is located on the first floor of Bugis Junction.

Our honest review of Belleville Pancakes

It’s possible one of the best cafes in Bugis for its quality, price and convenience.

Not just any pancakes, Belleville specialises in millefeuille pancakes, which is french for ‘a thousand layers’. The texture turned out even better than I had expected. It was really soft, almost soufflé like, I dare say, despite how thin they were. They were also not as cakey as American pancakes.

Possibly the fluffiest pancakes in Singapore

At Belleville Pancakes, you can get the Plain Pancakes at $7.9 for 4 pieces and $11.9 for 8 pieces. It was quite worth it, but we preferred our pancakes to have more flair and this is what we got instead.

The Mango Pancakes had addition of a luscious cream mango chunks between the pancakes. This item was a little pricier, at $11.9 for 2 pieces and $14.4 for 4 pieces.

The quality of the mangoes wasn’t bad, but also not impressive enough to leave an impression. However, their Hokkaido fresh cream definitely carried the team. It was light and refreshing, with a subtle hint of sweetness from the premium Hokkaido milk.

review of Belleville Pancakes' Mango Pancakes
Mango Pancakes

Although it was a good experience, it wasn’t something that I see myself ordering frequently. Don’t get me wrong. It was amazing. But there are other combinations on the menu which took my breath away, such as the Grilled Apple with Homemade Caramel Pancakes.

The caramel sauce was rather light and not too sweet, which matches my preference. The apples were lightly dusted in cinnamon and were grilled to a soft-but-still-slightly-crunchy-on-the-inside texture. Would’ve appreciated more apples than the measly three slices though.

Grilled Apple with Homemade Caramel Pancakes at Belleville Pancakes
Grilled Apple with Homemade Caramel Pancakes

The Matcha with Rice Ball and Red Bean Pancake was your typical Japanese combination. It didn’t exactly disappoint. But it certainly wasn’t impressive.

There were no complains for the mochi and azuki red beans, and their black honey did accentuate the sweetness of the components. However, I didn’t quite enjoy the subtlety of the matcha flavour which was blended in the pancake batter.

Matcha with Rice Ball and Red Bean Pancake
Matcha with Rice Ball and Red Bean Pancake

The pancakes cost $12.2 for 4 pieces and $16.2 for 8 pieces respectively

Sandwiches, coffee and tea

On top of pancakes, Belleville Pancakes have also expanded their menu to savoury sandwiches.

The BLT Sandwich and Potato Salad cost $5.2 and $7.2 respectively, with a $3.5 to add a choice of drink. It’s not the most memorable but it’s reasonably priced. However, if you had a choice between pancakes and sandwiches — always choose the pancakes.

Their tea was worth a try though. Belleville’s tea are imported from Okinawa, and a distinct feature of tea from that prefecture is that it grew on mineral-rich red soil. The black tea harvested from Okinawa is said to be more aromatic, with a longer lingering aftertaste.

The Belleville Original Tea is priced at $4.5. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Rosemary Tea ($4.5), Chai Tea ($4.8) and Royal Milk Tea ($5).


So what’s our review of Belleville Pancakes? It’s definitely one of the best pancakes we’ve had in Singapore and at such a reasonable price too.

So, if you’re on #TeamWaffle, give this place a shot and let us know if this was convincing enough to change your mind.

Belleville Pancakes

Location: 230 Victoria Street #01-01B, Singapore 188024
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