OVISO Espresso Machine at Starbucks

If you’ve seen these tube-shaped espresso machines in Starbucks before, no it’s not magic.

Starbucks have just rolled out their new OVISO espresso machine, and it looks nothing like its conventional counterparts.

If you’re wondering how it works, and more importantly, whether the new Starbucks machine brews better coffee than regular espresso machines.

How does the OVISO Espresso Machine work?

The OVISO Espresso Machine is designed exclusively for Starbucks Reserve stores.

A conventional espresso machine forces water downwards into a portafilter basket. The water, which is pressurised into the basket, extracts the flavours and tasting notes of the ground coffee inside, and streams downwards into a cup.

Meanwhile, the OVISO does the exact opposite. Instead of flowing from top to bottom, water is pressurised upwards. Espresso fills up the glass cylinders from the bottom. This is achieved through Starbucks’ patented bottom-steam and bottom-fill technology.

It definitely looks cool. But is it just for the aesthetics, or does it actually affect the taste of the espresso?

Does the OVISO Espresso Machine brew better coffee?

Starbucks barista using OVISO Espresso Machine

Technicalities-wise, perhaps it does. Through an interview with a spokesperson from Starbucks, they mentioned that their patented bottom-fill technology allows them to “optimise the extraction of rare and premium coffee beans”.

However, based on personal experience, the coffee brewed with the OVISO and their regular espresso machine tastes very similar. We couldn’t tell the difference through a blind taste. But, one thing’s for sure — the fancy machine does not affect the flavour of their coffee. Starbuck’s quality is still maintained with the new espresso machine.

Perhaps, using a freshly-roasted single origin would better showcase the difference between the OVISO and a conventional espresso machine.

Is it available for sale?

As of now, the OVISO is not for sale commercially.

It is only available at the Jewel Changi Airport branch.

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