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I’m sorry but The Assembly Ground is definitely not a place I’d ask my friends to assemble at. A cafe located at The Cathay, its stylish decoration and friendly staff make it seem like a promising cafe if you’re looking for a place to eat at Dhoby Ghaut. But, Edwin Rolfe was right when he said that you can never tell a book by its cover

My friend’s and my jaws dropped when we witnessed how unappetizing The Assembly Burger ($24) looked. The patty had absolutely no colour on it! Not to mention, the bun was dry and stale. It would barely be an exaggeration to say that it felt like swallowing sandpaper. The fries tasted rather stale as well. 

Alluded by the photo on the menu, we also ordered their Truffle Scented Mushroom & Egg (S$23) and boy (and girl, because we live in a gender equality society), was that a mistake. One look at the questionable crust, and we already knew that something was amiss. An uncanny resemblance to instant microwaveable pizza, the crust was hard and dry, the tomato sauce way too sour and most importantly, the lack of the aromatic and earthy truffle aroma. 

But, with all said, credits should still be given to their pastas. Al-dente, on-point flavors, it was definitely something I enjoyed. Their Spicy Pomodoro Crab Pasta (S$23) did leave an impression on me on my first visit.


Stylish, friendly staff, the geographical advantage of being at The Cathay (well, at least it is for me). However, these traits are not sufficient in compensating for the low-quality burger and pizza. To be fair, the pasta was decent. Flavourful, al-dente, but not a strong enough factor for me to return. That being said, the social media team at The Assembly Ground has been very receptive to feedback. So I can only hope that my next visit here will be an improved one.

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