If you’re looking for the most authentic jokbal in Singapore, head down to Joomak.

Joomak is a newly-opened Korean restaurant in Beauty World Centre that specialises in Korean braised pig’s trotters and Jeju Black pig.

It’s located on the fifth floor of the shopping centre, marked by traditional wooden gates that were popularised in the colonial era. While it seemed like a tacky decor, Joomak is actually is opened by a true blue ajumma.

When we heard the flurry of Korean flying through the restaurant, we knew we were in for a treat.

Our honest review of Joomak

We asked for their best-seller, and of course, like all business owners, the ajumma laughed and said it was everything on the menu. But if she had to pick, it would be their Korean braised pig’s trotter. While there are many Korean restaurants in Singapore, it’s uncommon to find Jokbal on the menu, let alone good ones.

Jumak, with a similar pronunciation with Joomak, is traditional Korean tavern or inn that provided alcohol, food, and lodgings to travellers.

Jokbal, Korean braised pig’s trotters, in Singapore

What’s our review of Joomak’s jokbal? Let’s just say we devoured it in seconds.

The marinate thoroughly penetrated every fiber or meat and every collagen pockets in the pig’s trotters, ensuring a flavourful bite in every piece. Meanwhile, the texture had a good balance of tender and bite. The collagen was rendered down into a jelly-like consistency with a slight bite, while the meat was fall-off-the-bones tender.

review of Original Pig's Trotter at Joomak
Original Pig’s Trotter at Joomak

It’s paired with raw sliced garlic which had a sweet aftertaste, and a special Korean sauce to enhance the umami flavours of the jokbal.

On the menu, you can find Joomak’s Pig Trotters ($59), which comes in the original flavour, and the Spicy & Regular Pig’s Trotters ($69), which is ideal for those who wish for variety in their dishes.

If you’re wondering if the spicy pig’s trotters are too spicy for you, I personally found it okay. I would compare it to an in between of a xiao la and zhong la (small spicy and medium spicy) for mala hotpots. But it should be palatable for most.

Spicy & Regular Pig's Trotters ($69) for the best of both worlds at joomak
Spicy & Regular Pig’s Trotters ($69) for the best of both worlds

Joomak’s pig’s trotter is big enough to feed 2-4 pax, depending on whether you’re keen to try other dishes.

Jeju Black pig in Singapore

No need to travel to Jeju Island to try their signature Jeju Black pig. You can finally savour it in Joomak.

It’s such a popular delicacy in Jeju Island as Jeju Black, an breed of pig that’s exclusive to the island, is redder than your typical pork. This make it juicier and meatier, and depending on the quality, you might even get steak-like properties.

authentic tofu stew soontofu in Singapore with Jeju Black Pig KBBQ Set
Peep the tofu stew in the back, one of the most authentic ones I’ve had in Singapore

Joomak enhances their meats by dry-aging them, then pre-grilling them on a charcoal grill before serving.

You can enjoy Joomak’s Jeju Black pig a la carte — Black Pork Belly ($27) and Black Pork Collar ($27).

But, because we wanted to try more dishes, we opted for Set C ($99), comprising both the Black Pork Belly and Collar, as well as the LA Short Rib and Steamed Egg, and a choice of stew. You can choose from Kimchi Stew, Soft Tofu Stew and Bean Paste Stew, which will be added in a small bowl in the middle of the grill.

Korean steamed egg
The best Korean steamed egg I’ve had in Singapore thus far — the eggy fragrance was so potent

This set is suitable for 2-3 pax.

Authentic Korean food at Beauty World

It might seem like an exaggeration but there’s no end to the number of dishes we would recommend from Joomak.

Their authentic Korean dishes are perfect for sharing, and even perfect for solo diners (unless you’re big backed enough to finish an entire pig’s trotter alone).

The Joomak Gukbap ($21.9) is their signature dish for a reason. The stew was so hearty and meaty and the beef was so tender, with pockets of collagen embed between. The trout also had a nice bite, and was properly processed so you don’t get any undesirable gamey flavours.

Joomak Gukbap, Korean beef trout soup
The must-get dish at Joomak, whether it’s sharing with your friends or eating alone

Meanwhile, the Jaengban Jjajangmyeon ($29.9) might be a little pricier than normal, but it really is one of the better ones. Most jjajangmyeon in Singapore generally tastes flat; just savoury. But at Joomak, we could actually taste the subtle earthy flavours of the black beans. The hefty price tag would deter me from getting this frequently, but I would argue that it’s worth the price.

You can add on seafood for $7.

authentic jjajangmyeon in singapore
According to the owner, many customers have given her a good review of Joomak’s Jjajangmyeon

Free bingsu at the end

When you’re done with the mains, head to the small table beside the entrance to make your own cup of bingsu. You can top it with condensed milk and red beans.

Our verdict

So what’s our review of Joomak?

Reasonable prices, authentic food and an even more authentic ambience. Gotta say that this is the best, if not one of the most authentic Korean restaurants in Singapore.


Location: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-01, Singapore 588177
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue-Sun: 11:30am–2:30pm, 5–10pm

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