Lunar Coffee Brewer The Milky Way white cold brew

Dusted in beautiful shades of blue and white, Lunar Coffee Brewers is a great refuge for the office crowd in Tanjong Pagar.

Lunar Coffee Brewers is part of Atlas Coffee House’s series of cafes which include Apollo Coffee Bar, Neptune and Columbus Coffee Co.

Their menu comprises of hearty and no-frills Asian-fusion dishes such as rice bowls and pastas that incorporate elements from Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

The Korean Fried Chicken Don ($15) is doused in gochujang, a red chili paste from Korea. It is sweet and spicy, with a touch of tang from its fermentation process.

The rice bowl is generously loaded with fried chicken, which is surprisingly crispy after a brief period of photo-taking. On the side, there are edamame beans, kimchi and a sous vide egg for balance.

The Brown Butter Prawn Crumb ($15.5) was essentially Aglio e Olio on steroids. Instead of extra virgin olive oil, the punchy garlic flavours were complemented with the nuttiness of browned butter. Fresh chili and parsley were added to counteract the richness of the butter sauce, which could have coated the pasta better. It ended up a little dry.

Atlas Coffeehouse Signature Cold Brew

Lunar Coffee Brewer The Milky Way white cold brew

The signature Milky Way Cold Brew ($7.5) is the prized brainchild of Atlas Coffeehouse.

The addition of syrup and cream not only gave it a velvety mouthfeel, it accentuates the innate nuttiness of the blend roasted by Two Degrees North Coffee Co. This resulted in a emphatic notes of hazelnuts.

This and the Black Cosmos Cold Brew ($7.5) are available at all their sister cafes.

If you want something even creamier, the variation by Brawn & Brains will suit you better. Otherwise, a toned-down version can be found at Butler Koffee.

Meanwhile, their Iced Latte ($5.5) was light-bodied and slightly acidic while their Mocha ($5.5) was accompanied by a hint of citrus.

Location: 6 Shenton Way, #01-49/50 OUE Downtown Gallery 2, 068809 
Tel: +65 6224 4500
Opening hours:
Mon- Fri: 8am- 7pm
Saturday: 8am- 3pm
Sunday: Closed


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